How Crazy Is Christmas For Your Pet?

Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Okay, hands (or paws) up if you make a list and check it twice for your four-legged family members as Picture1often as you do for your two-legged family. You may not see it, but mine is raised. I admit to buying Henrietta and Calico Zoe many gifts for Christmas — and yes, for all other gift-giving occasions, you know, Valentines, St. Patrick's Day, July 27 – pretty much when I see something cute I get it. 

Henrietta has a wardrobe that rivals mine and has taken over part of the closet. Everything from dresses to pajamas to winter coats, raincoats and everything in between. She has toys that I store away and swap out when she appears bored with what she's got now. Is she truly bored? Not sure, but I know I get bored of them so it's off to PetSmart for new ones. 

As for Calico Zoe, well she likes anything that doesn't truly belong to her. Missing an earring? Check her bed. Wondering where Henrietta's collar went? Again, check the bed. A fork gone missing? Yes, she steals forks as well as empty toilet paper rolls that she somehow retrieves from the garbage can. Her bed is a treasure trove of stuff. Perhaps she's part kleptomaniac, I am not sure, but it's pretty sad when the first place we look for missing items is the cat bed! 

I will also admit to wrapping some of Hen's gifts and "helping" her open them. They will get practical items like food or treats in addition to new clothes and toys. How do you celebrate the holidays with your pets? 


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  1. I have to admit, I’m a dog crazy person who doesn’t buy gifts for my dog. I guess I buy her whatever I think she’d like throughout the year and know that Christmas means more to me than to her.
    But I think everyone should do what’s most fun for them. 🙂

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