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Your 2012 Pet Writing Plan: Make It Now

Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Did you accomplish everything you wanted to in your pet writing plan for 2011? If yes, then congratulations! If no, do you know why you didn't? What did you hope to do that you didn't? Did you Picture1 have a clear directive of what you would consider success in your writing career? 

Here are a few items for your consideration as 2011 winds down and 2012 is peeking around the corner:

  1. Do you write down what you hope to accomplish with your pet writing? I'm sure you've heard the saying, "write it down, make it happen." It's true. The mornings I write down what I need to accomplish for the day, I actually do it. The days I don't write anything down, I fritter away the day. 

  • What do you consider "success in writing"? Success is different for every individual. Know what your idea of success is, then pursue it. 
  • Do you need a website or blog? What can you do to make that happen? Build it yourself — there are many free blog platforms from which to choose. 
  • How active are you on social media? Do you (or does your pet) have a Facebook presence? Twitter? LinkedIn? If not, you need to get a profile built and get active. 
  • Set yourself a writing plan — an editorial calendar, if you will — for the year. If you're going to write monthly, weekly, twice a week, etc. in your blog, write down ideas of what you'll blog about so when the time comes you aren't staring in fear at a blank screen wondering what to write. Set a writing plan for Facebook and your other social media pages as well and stick to it. Be active in social media if you want to build a following. 
  • Okay, now it's time to get to working on your 2012 writing plan! Let me know how it goes. 

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