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Canine Influenza Virus Update

canine flu dogs

What is the canine influenza? Where did it come from? How many dogs have become very sick?

The canine influenza virus is responsible for sickening and even killing some Chicago and Chicago area dogs over the past month or so. What we know is that the canine flu is difficult to deal. Healthy dogs can carry the bug and spread it to other dogs.

Although people are immune from this disease, we act as carriers of sorts. If I work in a dog daycare center, touch a sick dog or a dog who is a carrier without symptoms, I can spread the disease to any dog I contact throughout the day.

Can dogs avoid the flu?

What exactly is this flu and what can we do to protect our dogs?

With the BlogPaws Conference taking place in Nashville from May 28-30, what precautions should pet parents have who are bringing their pet to the conference?

Can this affect other pets?

BlogPaws cares, so we went right to the source of two folks who are following and reporting on this regional issue.

Jill Lopez, DVM, from Merck Animal Health, and Steve Dale, CABC, and one of the most recognizable names in pet journalism, joined BlogPaws’ co-founder, Yvonne DiVita, recently to discuss the latest news and answer questions.

Is this dog flu like anything America has ever seen?3:00: Per Steve Dale, this is not the Chicago dog flu. It is in the suburbs, yes, but Steve feels the same strain that is in Chicago will affect other cities. He is concerned about outbreaks in other cites. Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin are seeing it.

4:30: Will the flu affect BlogPaws pets?

12:30: Prevent pneumonia to prevent mortality in dogs.

16:24: Will the vaccine cross protect?

17:00: It spreads through coughing, transmitted via barking and saliva droplets, play with same toy, share a water bowl, so any type of saliva contact between dogs.

26:00: Vaccines on the Internet that do not have approved vaccines: illegal and dangerous: Don’t do it
Watch the entire canine flu discussion in its entirety here:

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