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#JustSayJoe Campaign Raises Funds For Pets

Do you love coffee (or any beverage that can go into a coffee cup)? If so, then you can enter the #JustSayJoe campaign that is BtMmR9XCAAAefuMraising money for pets by having pet owners take a photo of themselves with their cup of Joe and their pet and adding the #JustSayJoe hashtag. Once you’ve taken your photo and added the hashtag, you can upload it to Twitter or Instagram.

The program is called BRIM’s Brew Buddies and is raising funds for the American Humane Association.  Celebrities like Tori Spelling are joining in the movement.  

The hashtagged photos will help raise money for the American Humane Association. There are more details on the Brim website and about how to become a Brew Buddy. 

What: Brew Buddies by BRIM: Share a picture of yourself drinking your favorite cup of coffee with your dog via Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #JustSayJoe. For each photo or video submitted under the hashtag, BRIM will donate $1 to American Humane Association, with a goal of raising $10,000. When: Now through August 13th, 2014 Hashtags and Twitter handles:  #JustSayJoe@BrimCoffee@AmericanHumane  Who benefits?  American Humane Association will receive $1 for each photo or video submitted using #JustSayJoe For more information: Go to Brim Brew Buddies 

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