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BlogPaws Cares & Shares: Peter Shankman Interview

In case you missed it, we interviewed BlogPaws Conference keynote speaker, Peter Shankman in a recent BlogPaws Cares & Shares Hangout on Google. Shankman, author, entrepreneur, speaker, founder of Help a Reporter Out (HARO) and worldwide connector, will address the crowd with his candor, wit, drive, and motivational message of producing results while having fun doing so. His keynote speech is set for Friday, May 29.

During our Hangout we asked him many questions posed by both long-time and newbie bloggers. He also spoke about his new book, Zombie Loyalists: Using Great Service To Create Rabid Fans and shared that when you’re blogging you have to think more about “what can I do for you” when you’re putting your posts out into the world. It’s not about “how great you are” but how your knowledge and expertise can work to help others.

Watch the BlogPaws Cares & Shares video with Peter Shankman below or click here.


Editor’s Note: Harrison Forbes had planned to join us on this Hangout but due to technical difficulties was unable to attend. He will be on our May 14 Cares & Shares Hangout. RSVP here.


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