BlogPaws’ Daily News Bite: Aging Dachshund Reuniting With Owners

It’s something the BlogPaws team has written about recently, “What will you do with your pet when you can no longer care for him or Otto_Dachshundher?” This heartbreaking story points out how pet lovers can be faced with the dilemma of how to care for an aging, ill pet when they themselves are in poor health and are having a difficult time putting food on their own tables.

The senior owners of this senior pet left him at a shelter with a note detailing their plight and now individuals have stepped up to help with vet bills and will be providing food for the rest of Otto, the dachshund’s life. Because the shelter believed the owners did what they thought was best for their pet, and because Otto has never known any family other than his own, he will be reunited with his owners.

Read the entire story on Pet360.

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