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The FCC Wants Bloggers in the Putt Putt Lane


How would you like to get faster Internet service only if you paid to get it? What if big corporations were allowed to ride in the fast lane but folks like pet bloggers and small businesses have to pay a premium to allow their site fast speeds online? The FCC is about to make a decision that could affect us all.

That’s what is at risk with the net neutrality issues floating around online at present. Have you seen the pop ups or read about net neutrality in your timelines? Fellow pet blogger, Mary Haight of Dancing Dog Blog, does a fabulous job explaining why net neutrality is important, what you can do about it, and why you need to tell the FCC to save the Internet for everyone. Oh, and you need to do this by September 15th.

Please check out this very well done post by Mary and then click the form to keep the Internet at the same rate for everyone. Pet bloggers (and millions of others) depend on it: Net Neutrality: Act Now 


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