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Be Curious: Grow Your Blog

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back?” As a blogger you should be always curious. Why? Because of the satisfaction it brings and because of the incredible way in which curiosity can expand your world and your mind. What should you do? Be curious: grow your blog.

Why are curious people more productive than the non-curious? My belief is that:

  • They’re lifelong learners
  • They ask “what if”
  • They ponder seemingly impossible situations
  • They look for trends
  • They ask a lot of questions

curious bloggerAre you curious?

To expand upon that, are you curious enough? Here are some habits that curious people share. Do you see yourself in these traits? Do you feel, after reading these, that you need to become more curious? Read on.

They love to learn.

People who are curious have a love of learning. They read books. They search the Internet for answers to questions that others may not even think of. They attend conferences and networking events as a way to learn even more. If you’re curious you have an active mind and you need to feed it information in order to satiate it.

Are you a problem solver?

The “curious” are usually problem solvers. They may even find potential “problems” that others may have missed and find a way to solve it. Have you ever been told that you’re “looking for trouble where none exists”? If so, you might be curious!

They love questions.

If you jump into conversations that weren’t meant for you or if you love to answer a question, any question, you may be curious. They don’t see something not working as a failure, they look at it as a way to ask, “what can I do to make it better and make it work next time.”

They can talk to anyone about anything.

Have you heard about those people who can “work a room”? Those are the curious. They will strike up a conversation by asking you about your tie or your cat ears and then the conversation flows from that initial contact. They are fabulous at networking and meeting new people.

The curious are rarely bored.

If you’re always questioning and pondering, you will not be bored. Your mind will be actively engaged in coming up with solutions and answering questions and tossing around “what ifs.”

They take the initiative.

A curious person will rarely wait around before tackling a task. They will jump in with both feet and attempt to get ‘er done. Why? Because they love to learn new things.

The curious live in the moment.

I never used to live in the moment. No matter what I was doing I always wondered, “what’s next?” Enter breast cancer. That experience taught me to live in the moment. To embrace every second I am blessed with and that also made me more aware of my surroundings. Curious people also live in the moment. They grasp what’s in front of them with both hands and learn all about it.

Are you curious? Do you need to work on your curiosity?

Robbi hessRobbi Hess is the former BlogPaws blog manager and will be speaking at the BlogPaws 2016 Conference.

She blogs at All Words Matter and is the Media Manager for Big Barker, maker of premium beds for big dogs. 


(Photo Shutterstock Cat in Snow)

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