Wordless Wednesday: Pets Off Guard


Grow, share, blog, unite…it’s that time. We know you love Wordless Wednesday because you tell us every week! Emmett is the cutie pie of BlogPaws community member, Maggie Marton. He’s a bit off guard here, and we welcome your “Pets Off Guard Moments” to our BlogPaws Community Board of the same name.

Well, BlogPaws' Wordless Wednesday just gets better all the time. Each week BlogPaws creWwates a link up for the community so you can add a link directly to your Wordless Wednesday Post. That way we can all share and enjoy each other's pets. The rules are super simple: Show us your pets! Leave a link directly to your Wordless Wednesday Post Visit other blogs and say hello (don't forget! This is the part that is the most fun!) Remember to leave a comment to let everyone know you stopped by for a visit.

Share the link up with your readers so they can join the community and link up as well. You can grab the code and place it on your blog or you can refer your readers right back to the Wordless Wednesday post of the week. If you would like your pet’s picture featured as our Wordless Wednesday picture of the week, please join the BlogPaws Community Center. Please DO NOT EMAIL your pictures. All pictures that are uploaded in the BlogPaws Community are considered for inclusion each week.

2 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Pets Off Guard”

  1. Maggie

    Aww! Emmett! 🙂 I love the off-guard pet pics. So cute!

  2. Stacey @ Cugno's Canine Center

    Don’t you hate it when they close their eyes just as you take the photo…I swear it is planned sometimes!