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Busting Myths about Dog Behavior

year, BlogPaws is adding a lot of new things to our already fab conference. In
May, when 500 pet industry leaders, bloggers, celebs, and brands descend upon
Tysons Corners, you’ll be treated to many things, one of them being the
addition of Lunch Pack Leaders!

BlogPaws has a full schedule with quality speakers and topics, but we know
there is always more talk about and more to learn. Our Lunch Pack Leaders have
compelling topics for conversation that will be held over lunch on
either Friday or Saturday

You will have the chance to sign up at the conference starting
Friday morning
at the registration desk. There will be limited seating
for these round table discussion lead by our experts in these tabs.

got an exclusive interview with Debbie Jacobs who happens to be an LPL (Lunch
Pack Leader). Sit at Debbie's table where she’ll be dishing “Myth Busting about Dog Behavior.” Want the scoop ahead of
time? Here we go:

BlogPaws: Hey Debbie, thanks for fitting us into your busy schedule. You are coming to BlogPaws from Guilford, Vermont. How many times have you been to a BlogPaws Conference?

Debbie Jacobs: Three.

BlogPaws: What
specifically what will you be speaking about at BlogPaws?

Debbie: Do dogs
"need" pack leaders? Can you reinforce fear in a dog? Do dogs feel
"guilt"? Why are the answers important to our dogs? What every
blogger about dogs needs to know. These are a few of the questions I will
address in my presentation. 

BlogPaws: What do you hope people gain/learn by attending your lunch pack session?

Debbie: Last year at
Blogpaws we heard that more people consult blogs for medical information than
they do their vet! This means that bloggers have the responsibility to ensure
that the information they share is correct and up to date. Despite having lived
with dogs for thousands of years, many people continue to misinterpret and
misrepresent dog behavior. Unfortunately this has an impact on how people go on
to train and handle their dogs, often to the detriment of the dog's quality of
life. Bloggers are key to the continued evolution of pet owners' understanding
of what their dogs need and are trying to tell them. 

BlogPaws: What is your favorite aspect of attending BlogPaws/what do you most anticipate
as an attendee?

Debbie: I enjoy
seeing friends and meeting new bloggers. I appreciate the information shared
about the changes in social media technology and marketing. 

BlogPaws: Do you have pets and if so, their names/ages/types, etc ?

Debbie: Dogs: Sunny
8 y/o mixed breed, Finn 11 y/o border collie, Annie 7 y/o cocker spaniel,
Nibbles 6 y/o mixed breed

BlogPaws:  Where can people learn more about you? (blog, Twitter handle, Facebook links,




Jacobs (facebook, not sure how to share the URL with readers)


BlogPaws: Just for fun, what is something about you people would be surprised to learn?

Debbie: I spent
years working as whitewater raft guide and cats make me sneeze.

BlogPaws: What is one website you visit at least once daily?

Debbie: Facebook!

Catch up with Debbie at BlogPaws! See you there!

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