Did You Miss This Important Pet Blogging News?


TextBlogPaws does a whole lot in the course of a week. At our offices, we're always striving to find the most important pet blogging programs, ideas, courses, information, and news to share with our ever-growing community. We are pushing 2,500 members now, and the sky's the limit in the BlogPaws Community.

Being a member of the BlogPaws Community is resplendent with benefits, and we'll be outlining a series of videos this upcoming week for everyone to dive right in!

Meantime, did you catch this important pet blogging news this week? Read on…..

 As a pet blogger do you consider yourself a brand? A business? Or are you a hobbyist? Regardless of what 
league you feel you fall in, if you want to be taken seriously as a
blogger or if you're looking to elevate your blog to money-making or
business status, you need to employ a few tactics to get yourself there.

The ASPCA (The American Society
for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)
launched its Cruelty Intervention
(CIA) program to proactively address situations where, without
intervention, animals would be in jeopardy of becoming victims of neglect. Learn more about the program to help overwhelmed animal owners and feel free to share the interview on your blog.

Beyond the yearly conference, BlogPaws is a 24/7/365 community and oh so
much more. Our friends at Chicago Pet Video put together this
paw-tastic video you must see: And maybe you (or your pet) are a part of
it. Check us out and feel free to share. This, ladies and gentlemen, is

Enter your BlogPaws July 2013 photos in this thread. Complete
instructions for how to enter the BlogPaws July photo contest here: http://blogp.ws/10JlpyR

Do bloggers HAVE to do product reviews? We've got a hot conversation in the BlogPaws Community about this topic.

Where do you tend to get the ideas for your blog topics??? Pet bloggers weigh in and maybe you can find some ideas for pet blog fodder, here, too.

Not too soon to register for BlogPaws 2014 and we have the hotel info posted now, so get to booking, as we plan to sell out!


2 Responses to “Did You Miss This Important Pet Blogging News?”

  1. Jobi and Fisher

    Loved the video! Once of my favorite things at BlogPaws 3013 was meeting the animals.

  2. Flea

    Omigoodness. Blog Paws was so much fun! But I didn’t see the chicks in the video.
    It was good to see Chilly and the blind kitten and Rocco – so many familiar faces!
    Looking forward to next year!