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Nine Social Media Tools Pet Bloggers Need

162by: Carol Bryant, BlogPaws' PR Manager

How much measurement do you perform in association with your
blog? Most of us are utilizing something like Google Analytics to gain insights
about our traffic sources, unique visits, and most highly visited posts. So
what if you want to take those insights to the next level and dive in a bit

Blogging need not be a science; in fact, getting too
scientific about it takes the fun out of the creative process that is writing.
After all, that’s why I got into blogging in the first place: To make a
difference, help others, and make a positive impact on the lives and well-being
of pets. Analyzing is a piece of the pie that is blogging, yet many of us make
it the smallest piece. Using the right tools and real-time resources, you can
maximize your blog, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Here’s how:

Kurrently.com: I
love this tool. Have you tried it? Kurrently is a real-time social media search
engine. Find out what people are saying about you and/or your brand/blog in
real-time. Try it!

Social Bakers: Eternally
cooking up effectiveness of companies in their social marketing campaigns
across all major networks, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+. 

Tweetreach: The
who, what, when, where, and share of your Twitter “stuff” – gives you a
snapshot of what is going on with your tweets. Valuable for showing to your sponsors
and advertisers, too.

Klout: I admit, I did
not want to be mired in one more social media tool, but this one packs some
punch.  Klout gives you a score of
influence based on your social media activity. They use a variety of variable
to deduce this number. You can also get some bling for being an influencer. Be
sure to be a good giver of K+ (Klout recommendations by users for users).
Remember, social media is all about reciprocation.

Mashable: Though not
a social media analytics tool, I visit Mashable twice daily for a source of
what is happening in the social media world.

Alltop: Get listed here
and it is easy to do so. Alltop collects headlines of the latest stories from
the best sites and blogs.

Instagram: Improve
your analytics with images. I hear it all the time in blogging circles: “I don’t
have enough good pictures for my blog!” My answer: “Then take some.” I am never
without a camera, and generally that camera is my iPhone. Use Instagram to make
average pictures look professional.  A
rule of thumb for me is at least one image above the fold in blog posts.Use Instagram pictures to
draw readers into your blog posts.

#tagdef: Discover what
hashtags mean and input your own. Why tweet hashtags if you are clueless as to
what they mean. If you know better, you do better, you blog better, and your
analytics make more sense, yes?

Tweriod: When should
you be tweeting to maximize your Twitter experience? This website lets you

: If you made it thus far, thanks! Here are 9 Twitter tips
I use daily that can help you have a better Twitter experience, thus improving
your analytic goals.

Got a social media tool you use regularly? Dish with us below…BlogPaws is all about community and reciprocation.

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  1. Great list, Carol. Kurrently showed me who is pinning my stuff on Pinterest.
    I used to use Tweriod. Why tweet if your followers aren’t around to read it?
    But since hootsuite has added advanced scheduling options, I don’t need to visit an extra site. Hootsuite automatically sends my info at the times my followers are most likely to see it.

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