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15 Ways to Get Readers to Comment on Your Blog Caroline’s Top 5

We all love getting comments on our blogs. Not all of us are seeing the comments come in, however. Why not? Well, without reviewing your blog, I can't really say. But, I can share some ideas on how to get more people to comment. Over the next three days, we'll share Caroline's advice, Yvonne's advice and Tom's advice.

Caroline Golon's Top 5 Ways to Get People To Comment

1. Comment at others' sites! The more you engage with others, the more they'll return the favor and engage with you. One blogger I love who has a fabulous blog but also spends a lot of time connecting with her readers is Daisy Curly Cat. She's a great example of someone who engages with her community extremely well.

2. Pay attention to your posts that do get comments. Analyze what your readers said in their comments for clues as to what prompted them to leave a comment. Check out other blogs that get a lot of comments and analyze them, as well. Dr. V. at Pawcurious.com, for example, does a great job of presenting topics that inspire feedback and input from a broad audience.

3. Ask your readers for feedback! Conclude your post with, "What do you think?" Or "Would you add anything to this idea?" Or "What's YOUR favorite place to walk your dog?" But, never, ever beg for comments!

4. Controversial topics usually create a forum for discussion. Use these sparingly unless you want to be known for controversy. (and there's nothing wrong with that!) Just make sure controversy is part of your blog's overall tone, if you go that way on a regular basis.

5. Make sure it's easy to leave comments on your blog. For example, don't require someone to register. Make sureScreen shot 2010-06-03 at 3.56.03 PM to have a "name/URL" option or even Anonymous box for people who aren't Blogger or WordPress users or who may not even have a blog, themselves! Think carefully before you choose to moderate comments. Moderating creates a barrier for people commenting next time. People like to see immediate satisfaction of seeing their comment posted! (Screen shot courtesy of Your Daily Cute. Thanks, Cute!)

Come on back tomorrow for 5 more ways to get readers to comment on your blog.

And, by the way, what are YOUR ideas for getting more comments? 😉

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  1. Thanks Caroline! I never used to comment on other blogs until I went to BlogPaws and learned how important it was! People definitely return the favor and comment back on mine. Plus, it makes the whole experience more interactive and fun for me and my readers!
    Looking forward to the next two installments.

  2. I love these tips. Especially the one about leaving comments on other blogs. The Island Cats gets that right! I used to leave lots more comments and since starting BlogPaws, I am trying to get back to that practice. There are so many wonderful pet blogs, I could spend days and days just commenting!

  3. Wowie, thank you so much for the linkie and kind comment! We love to visit and leave comments, and only wish we had more time to do so.
    I have found that shorter posts generally get more comments than long, involved posts. Sometimes I get “comment anxiety” and worry that my comment won’t be “good” enough; but then I realize that I appreciate every comment (except spam) and try not to worry.

  4. Thanks so much for these tips. Leaving comments is also a great way to develop friendships – we’ve met a lot of great bloggers this way!

  5. Great ideas and thanks for sharing! The moderation part is huge – we have some blogs we moderate and some we do not and the ones that are unmoderated get a lot more comments all the time!

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  7. Hmm… I guess I should put this advice to work on my OTHER blogs….I spend a lot of time on the cats’ blog..and generally do well with getting comments and feedback..but my other blogs..rare to get even a single comment.
    Oh dear..it seems I have to banish that ‘your comments feed my blog’ graphic… it’s not working anyway… and I guess I broke that rule multiple ways, as I did put also put a request for comments as a way of tracking site visits…since I can’t seem to get Google analytics to work on the (Goggle!!) blog!
    Good pointers…but hmmm…I could spend weeks visiting and commenting with the fact that I write 4 blogs!! I’d never get my work done! LOL Something’s gotta give!

  8. Daddy used Moderation for years because, early on, the spam was just overwhelming on all his blogs.
    On my blog I’ve gotten hundreds of cool comments in just a few months even with moderation.
    We are willing to at least consider non moderation on my blog on a trial basis.

  9. Blog Paws Series on Attracting Readers, and Comments, and Reaching Out, a Must Read!

    Blogging has evolved so much since Daddy, and I, first began to write on his first blog, in 2002. Platforms, books, techniques, tools, communities, and more, present so much for bloggers, old, and new, to absorb, and learn from, that…

  10. I’m not sure which talented blogger I’m writing to, but all of these suggestions are practical and doable. It’s that old TIME issue, but that’s really no excuse if I get myself organized. All of you, thanks for your good work!

  11. Commenting on other blogs as well as getting out in forums and on twitter has definitely helped upping the comments on Pru’s blog. I also recently started trying the “asking for feedback” idea and it works great!! It sometimes has also helped spur new posts.

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