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You Know You Are a Pet Blogger When…

Bpdogsby: Carol Bryant

Did you ever consider what it really means to be a pet blogger? A "blog," according to Merriam-Webster is "a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer." There are millions of bloggers online, but what specifically defines the characteristic of a pet blogger?

We posed this question to BlogPaws' staff and the answers thus far have run the gamut. So we'll reveal our replies to "you know you're a pet blogger when" if you do the same in the comments section. We're certainly a special "breed" of writers, but what makes us so? Well, you know you're a pet blogger when…

Yvonne DiVita, BlogPaws' Co-Founder says:

You would rather talk pet-talk with
pet-people than have a conversation with those ‘other’ people.

You run out to the store to buy meatballs for
the dogs, because you give them meatballs at dinner every night and they
shouldn’t have to go without even one night, right?

You see your best friend’s daughter out
shopping and when she says, “Oh, did you know Katie made honor roll?” you
answer, “Is Katie the Doberman or the Sheltie?”

Tom Collins, BlogPaws' Co-Founder, says:

You tilt your head and give a quizzical
look at anyone who asks why you’d post online (words, pics, and videos) about
your pets.

You’ve slipped and called your online human
friends by their pets’ names, cuz that’s how they post in their blogs, comment
on yours, sign emails, etc.

Carol Bryant, BlogPaws' PR Manager, says:

You feel bad for your friends without pets.

You ask your friends and family if their pet is on Facebook and what their Twitter name is.

"Wordpress, Typepad, or Blogger" are uttered aloud more you ever thought humanly possible.

You get an iPhone so you can videotape product reviews.

You follow your dog around like Paparazzi at the Academy Awards.

You start planning for the BlogPaws Conference a year in advance.

Kristin Dewey, BlogPaws' Special Projects Manager, says:

You text MOL to your boss.

You stop strangers to take photos of their dogs.

You take photos and videos of your pet every single day.

Your pet has more friends than you do.

Your pet gets more Christmas cards than you do.

BlogpawsSo do tell, pet bloggers and micro-bloggers, you know you are a pet blogger when _________.


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  1. BOL…I do most of those things. I carry a camera with me all the time, just to catch that cute pic that could make a great blog post.
    Being a pet blogger is just, fun. I have met some fantastic people, some actually in person at blogpaws. I love the pet blogging community, and the friendship we all have.

  2. Well, I esp. liked : You follow your dog around like Paparazzi at the Academy Awards…..That is what I do! I always have my camera!
    Mine: When you feel genuine worry that your dog hasn’t done anything photo worthy in a few days, and now you are running out of blog fodder 🙂

  3. BOL!!! I identify with most of those! I BOL! instead of LOL! I got a pocket video camera just to video Pepper! The only trips I take without my family are for dog events. My dog gets more mail than I do and has more pals. I don’t send Christmas cards, Pepper does. I use more of Pepper’s mailing stickers than my human ones.

  4. Thinking of another: You know you are a pet blogger when you make a few trips a month to pet supply stores to find out the latest and greatest pet products to share with your readers.

  5. I’ve got a few more.
    Your autocorrects changes awesome to pawsome, party to pawty, and animal to anipal.
    People address you by your pet’s name. In real life.
    You find your self saying, “Oh my cod!” or “Oh my dog!” (Or typing OMC! or OMD!)
    And signing posts and emails with one of these:

  6. When being around other pet lovers and bloggers makes you feel like you’re RIGHT where you are suppose to be. When you obsess about when and where the next pet blogging conference is. When you feel joy helping to spread the word about peoples rescue projects, products or other pet-related topics. When you have seriously considered getting the Blogpaws logo tatooed on your body. BOL!!

  7. When you walk around with your blogger business cards in your pocket, just in case you see a Corgi (insert breed of your choice) and want to get them on your blog … so people don’t think you’re (quite as) crazy as they might otherwise.
    A business card with the blathering on, priceless.

  8. loved Tom’s about calling your blogging friends by the names of their pets. I know every cat and dog’s name but often get stumped over their humans!
    Loved Kristin’s “Mol’ing” her boss….hilarious
    I would have to say that you know you are a pet blogger when you have an “out loud” conversation with your cat or dog telling them in vivid detail what their “friends” are up to today.
    When you know your stats better than you know your social security number
    When you think about pets, yours and everyone else’s all day every day!

  9. Great posts above, ditto. To add to that:
    You know you’re a pet blogger when you’re always thinking about the next post, and searching for that info on the web, thru books, or searching your memory banks for pet related info. You know you’re a pet blogger when you drive for hours to attend pet related events so you can blog about them. You know you’re a pet blogger when the pet world becomes your social life: cat shows, pet events, pet conferences. It really is very consuming, but fascinating and fun.

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