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Is Your Pet Blog Influential? How to Make it Happen

Bloggersby: Carol Bryant

Celebrities are the influencers much of society looks to and tries to pattern themselves after, right? I mean if Jennifer Aniston is wearing it, someone, somewhere has to have "it." What if Jimmy Fallon does a skit that happens to feature a certain brand; that makes it totally now, current, and a must have item, right?

Move over celebs, today's new influencers
are everyday people who have the tools to publish content online on blogs and with microblogging. These tools have made it easy for people to take what they know and their
experiences and publish them to very large audiences. Today's influencers in the pet industry are pet bloggers. Is your pet blog influential? Where are these tools found?

Today's pet parents don't always readily trust brands, Ads and marketing strategies aside, pet parents today are smarter and wiser. As a pet blogger, like me, you probably have or have had pets. Now consumers are talking to everyone online
about products except the brands that make the products.

Are you reading and commenting on other pet blogs and pet blogger social media accounts? This is crucial. Amazingly, the most influential
pet bloggers don’t necessarily have the highest numbers in terms of traffic.


targeted, relevant, compensation, clear, organized, and concise are all elements we pet bloggers look for in a pitch from companies. Social
engagement is currency in the blogging world. Compensation is a clear part of
this. When we are pitched by companies and PR agencies, we want to know we are going to be compensated. BlogPaws understands this and shares in your future and goals.

Right now many brands
have a content problem, so this helps brands to partner with bloggers. Bloggers are
savvy and they help brands produce rich content. Are you one of those bloggers?

When it comes time to consider getting a sponsorship to BlogPaws, consider the year that went before and how influential you have been. Did you know that sponsors generally write conference sponsorships into their budgets a year in advance? With 11 weeks left to go before BlogPaws 2013 Conference, this isn't the time to scramble for a sponsorship.


Search for your 2014 sponsorship when you come home from the BlogPaws 2013 Conference. Meet brands in person, develop relationships. You want brands to respect your blog, your time and your talents, right? So reciprocate, come to BlogPaws Conference and get to know the brands. Go face to face, and well, nose to nose. Tell brands you are interested in that you have a media kit. Make one. More about that in a future post. More about that at BlogPaws 2013 Conference.

If you want your pet blog to be influential, you need to work for it. Define yourself as an expert, and then show me, your reader, along with interested brands, that you have what it takes to be considered an influencer. Overnight successes rarely happen in the pet blogging world. Hard work, determination and well-planned goals are pivotal. "Be
a source of inspiration, innovation, integrity, and influence within the Pet
Blogging Community," as a pet blogger pal so eloquently recently shared with me.

AllcreaturesJoin me at BlogPaws 2013, where you can learn from the best, mingle with the influencers, up your game with the Pro level as one of them, and set your bar high.




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  1. This is an helpful post and will help me focus my blog. Thanks for the helpful information. Some of us worry about the number of hits we get but, as you say, power is in impact NOT numbers.

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