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Counting down the seconds to … BlogPaws 2013!

OKAY!! We’ve reopened the Half-Price SLC Special, because the form wouldn’t work for some and Tom managed to confuse many others! ;-D

But this will definitely end at midnight, Saturday, June 30. So please take advantage and tell everyone you know who needs to know.

Like Lena taught us, “You can do it now, or NOW!”

Register at: BlogPaws2013.eventbrite.com

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  1. I had an issue with Paypal that caused the payment to go through twice but just one order (I only wanted 1 order). I did email via the “Contact Host” link on the Eventbrite page asking if 2 orders had gone through. This was about 10pm Eastern last night so emails may not have been reviewed yet.
    When placing the order I did have problems because of the last question being required and I wanted to leave them blank. I did check I wouldn’t be attending the Saturday event thinking I could correct that after the order was placed.

  2. I wasn’t able to register – I want to attend both events so I left the last question blank. I tried “tricking” the system by checking one, then both, and finally gave up when it kept kicking me out.

  3. I didn’t try to register for BlogPaws 2013 at the conference; I thought we had a few days afterward to get the special price (didn’t we have extra days last year?). I’ll register today and cross my paws.

  4. Mea culpas from Tom:
    @Dawn – Sorry for the double billing at PayPal – seems to be a one-time occurrence and it looks like the refund went through okay. I’ve also corrected your evening session response and added an “I’ll be at both!” option to the form.
    @Ingrid – Could you do me a HUGE favor and go through the process again, so we have all your info correctly and to make sure the form is working now? It’ll charge you the Early Bird rate, but I’ll refund the difference for you immediately.
    @Emmy – You should be all set now!
    To EVERYONE: Sorry for the confusion and THANKS for the feedback. For all of you who registered during the SLC Special and were forced to give incorrect responses to the Evening Receptions questions, please email tom at blogpaws.com and I’ll make that correction for you.

  5. I tried to register, but I’m a college student – is it better for me to just wait because they’ll have the college student pricing again, or should I have registered at the half-price time while it was available? I couldn’t seem to get the “help” to work so I could ask before I ran out of time. I was at 2012, and can’t wait to bring my whole shelter staff to 2013 since we can drive down!

  6. @Kristie – If you’ll still be a student next year, that’s a better deal for you and that ticket is live now. We’re so glad you enjoyed 2012 in SLC and looking forward to seeing you and your crew next year!

  7. I tried to purchase two at the special 99.00 rate and it was billing me at the 149.00 rate so i backed out. I would still like to buy two passes if I can still get the 99.00 rate.

  8. We’ve re-opened the 50% off priced tickets until midnight (EDT) on Saturday, June 30.
    @Lisa, @Michelle, and @ the many others I managed to confuse, mess up the form for, or otherwise make it hard to take advantage of the SLC Special, please accept my apologies.
    And please help us make sure everyone who’ll want to know about this gets the word this time! ;-P
    Sorry for the confusion,

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