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Humans, Cats And Litterboxes

Note from Blog Manager, Robbi Hess: It breaks my heart when I hear that so many cats are surrendered because of litter box issues. I agree that it is frustrating and even in my house of four kitties one of them has decided to stop pooping in the litter box. He or she will poo right next to it but not in it. Why? No idea. It has been happening for the past month. We bought one new box, kept one of our others, haven’t changed litter brands, keep it scooped twice shutterstock_218553706daily and everyone has had a health check up.

If I could catch the culprit then maybe I would be able to figure out if he or she seems stressed or I could have more information to get to the cause of it. Will I surrender this out of the box pooing kitty? Never. Why? Because my pets are my responsibility until they cross the Rainbow Bridge. No exceptions.

I found this post from Janiss Garza and her cat’s musings on why we humans aren’t as attentive to our cat’s litter box needs as we are to our own bathroom habits.

What would you do/have you done if you have a cat who suddenly stops using his or her litter box? Are you as attentive to your cat’s litter needs as you are to, well, your own bathroom habits?

(Photo Shutterstock: Kitty in litter box)

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