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BlogPaws NewsBite: Adopt Turtles With Caution

Just as Jack Russell Terriers became popular when Eddie showed up on the television show Frasier and Dalmatians were in demand after the 101 Dalmatian movie came out pet lovers and those in the pet community worry that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle turtlemovies will lead to a surge in turtle purchases and/or adoptions.  This happens around the holidays with bunnies and chicks at Easter  as well.

While a slow-moving turtle or tortoise may seem an ideal pet, they may not be “active” enough for children and the novelty may wear off and then the turtle may be abandoned or “set free” in a backyard to fend for itself. If you also aren’t aware of the potential illnesses that reptiles and turtles or tortoises can bring with them, it could be a health hazard in your home that you’re not prepared for.

Please read this letter to parents about turtle adoption from the American Tortoise Rescue organization.

(Photo Shutterstock: Turtle)

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