• Things Pet Bloggers Say Video


    Are you a pet blogger or microblogger who says things that perhaps only YOU as a pet blogger or microblogger say? A few years back, a sensation took the Internet by storm that began with “s*it girls say” – with subsequent montages and parodies following in… read more


  • How to Tell If You are Addicted to Your Pet

    by: Carol Bryant We are called BlogPaws, so for it's no small secret we love pets, more than a little. We're an entire entity formed with pets in mind, by pet lovers, and for pet lovers/bloggers/parents. Do you call yourself a pet parent? Is your pet… read more

  • BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday: Meowza

    Okay it's Senior Pets Month here on BlogPaws and we are collecting pictures from everyone's pets then and now: Have you entered yet? It's easy and instructions are here: BlogPaws August Photo Contest Meantime, check out the four photos the "paw-parazzi" garnerned from our community members:… read more

  • Bedtime Story for Blogging Buddies Everywhere

    Have you wrapped all the presents for every dog, cat, ferret, fish, lizard, capybara, bunny, bird, and every other pet on your list? B As you wrap, blog, write cards, blog, bake cookies, and blog some more, don't forget to snuggle in and share this story… read more

  • You Know You Are a Pet Blogger When…

    by: Carol Bryant Did you ever consider what it really means to be a pet blogger? A "blog," according to Merriam-Webster is "a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer." There are millions of bloggers… read more

  • Do dogs really come to BlogPaws?

    by Carol Bryant Dogs and cats and ferrets…oh my (and more). BlogPaws has always been pet-friendly, and this year's conference is no exception. BlogPaws is a year-round community for pet lovers, bloggers, microbloggers, and brands that celebrates and educates in person, too. When we invited Hairy… read more

  • Wendy Diamond to sparkle at BlogPaws

    By Carol Bryant Some people sparkle with such an aura and give back to the pet world so much, what a joy it is when paths cross and one gets to meet them. In our BlogPaws Speaker Series, we’ve been introducing you to our BlogPaws featured… read more

  • Cold Dog Knows How To Get Warm

    Once again, discovered on the blog over at Life with Dogs, a video that will make you smile. Maybe it will inspire you to catch your pet doing something cute and worth sharing. At least one hopes. If so, do come back and share the link… read more

  • Yes, You Too Can Be A Millionaire

    Or, at least think like one. I got to musing over the weekend. Musing on inventions that have made millions – but are pretty  outrageously… stupid. That's my opinion, of course. And, the opinion of the author of this post: 15 Incredibly Stupid Ways People Made… read more

  • Be that Woman…Or Man

    As seen on Facebook at Kirsten Osolind's page. Guys – substitute "man" and "he's up"… it works for you, too. And, in your spare time, for a good chuckle (hey, it's Friday, I felt like a few laughs) visit this site and read what Siri (a… read more