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How to Tell If You are Addicted to Your Pet

Ollie_Kenai_Loversby: Carol Bryant

We are called BlogPaws, so for it's no small secret we love pets, more than a little. We're an entire entity formed with pets in mind, by pet lovers, and for pet lovers/bloggers/parents.

Do you call yourself a pet parent?

Is your pet more than an "just an animal" to you?

Do you cringe when someone tells you an event you want to attend with your pet is, well, not pet friendly.

You aren't alone. BlogPaws is, in fact, designed for those who embrace pets as more than that: Pets are part of the family.  BlogPaws, the original social media network and conference designed
by and for pet bloggers, continues to grow its pet-focused conferences and
live events, along with its online community. Last fall, BlogPaws joined Pet360 Media, the leading online digital media network for pet
bloggers, advertisers and publishers. They embrace pet parents.

With that, we want to know if you are "addicted" in the best sense of the word, to your pet…read on.

They love us no matter what we look like in the morning. They hear our
deepest most intimate conversations and tell no one. The tail wags when
our day has been less than stellar. The meowing is there even if we feel crummy. Fish swim, bunnies hop, and ferrets squirm. And we, as their human guardians,
companions, caretakers, and parents love them for being simply stated,
our best friends.

We’re opening up the floor to you, pet parents and bloggers, to share your “You know you’re addicted to your pet." Check out the list below and then add your “addiction affliction” to it.

10 When your
pooch barks, you know what the different tones of bark actually “mean.”

9 You wake up in a crouched yoga-like position so your pet could
have the comfy spot on the bed. Heating pad, anyone?

8 You come home from a long day of work and pat your
significant other on the head then give your pet a kiss.

7 You spend 99 cents on your shampoo and top dollar at the
best groomer for Fido’s coifing and primping.

6 Fluffy eats eats a gourmet or specialty diet while you find
caffeinated soda and chips to be a delicacy.

5 Pet hair is as much a clothing accessory as jewelry, a
scarf, or a hat.

4 When reaching into a coat pocket, remnants of treats/biscuits and clean up bags fall out.

3 You know exactly how far it is to the nearest vet, pet
supply shop, and groomer and the
quickest route to get there.

2 It’s 8:50 and last call is announced as you walk the aisles
of the pet supply warehouse.

1 Friends know better than to ask if you want to come along
on vacation unless your pet is welcome.

Okay, your turn…..

Fill in the blank, You know you are addicted to your pet when _________

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  1. I cook for my dogs when they need it but usually tell hubby to grab something on his own. We never run out of dog food or treats but I can’t say the same for human food.

  2. You put a step near the bed if it’s to tall to jump on and use treats to train them to get up on the bed so they can sleep with you 🙂

  3. When you talk about your pets so much that when your friends greet you, the first thing they ask is, “How are your dogs?”

  4. you find yourself mentioning to whoever you are with that your guinea pigs prefer organic chaunteney carrots over the other brands and then just grab a microwave meal for yourself!

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