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Yes, You Too Can Be A Millionaire

Or, at least think like one.

I got to musing over the weekend. Petrock Musing on inventions that have made millions – but are pretty  outrageously… stupid. That's my opinion, of course. And, the opinion of the author of this post: 15 Incredibly Stupid Ways People Made Their Millions.

For instance, the post offers up the ubiquitous pet rock. Isn't the pet rock the 1st example we all think of when we consider stupid ideas that made money? You may not remember the pet rock. I do. I think I had one. It only cost a dollar, after all (although this site says they sold for $3.95 – I got mine for a dollar). For kids who couldn't have pets, it… was a dumb replacement. But, millions of people spent that dollar…and made the originator of the pet rock a lot of money.

How about goggles for your dog? I didn't know about this one and if you have been contemplating this idea, stop right now. It's taken. "Doggles" sell for $20 a pair and have made their inventor a LOT of cash! Hey, "free shipping for any order over $35" too! Who knew? Would you buy them for your dog?

Dog-perfume This one is crazy. No, really. Doggie perfume. The description says it's a "…unique and luxurious fragrance exclusively for dogs." I don't have anything else to say about it. Except – doggie perfume, seriously???

Included in crazy, stupid product ideas that have made millions are slinkys…which I actually love and don't think are stupid – I think they're fun. What about bottled water? Is that stupid? I guess it can be, but it doesn't show any indication of going away, and how about the million dollar homepage – where a 21-year old kid sold advertising pixel by pixel… so you could buy a hundred pixels ($100) and be on his homepage. Made him a million dollars. Personally, I think that one is genius. Million-dollar-homepage

Why am I babbling on about all this? Because I think it proves that any idea is worth pursuing. Even when your friends and family laugh at you, don't give up.

If you have a crazy idea for a product, share it. You're among friends here. Maybe someone reading today will love your idea and want to partner on it, or maybe they'll know someone you can talk to, to help finance it.

If people can sell tumbleweeds and potatoes, hey, what can you sell? Come on…pitch an idea. We're listening!

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  1. Doggles have been around for like 15 years, so they’re not exactly new. And neither are Neuticals. In keeping with your themne, though, add these to your “Would you believe this…” list: Testicular implants for dogs which makes the following claims: “Neuticles allows your pet to retain his natural look, self esteem and aids in the trauma associated with altering.” Truth is stranger than fiction!

  2. Yes, I’ve heard of neuticles. Amazing idea and… crazy. But, I bet some people buy it. I love the idea of tapping into our creative minds to invent products that may not have much actual use, but are fun to use and fun to play with. Play is more important to life than people understand.

  3. Ha! I remember the pet rock. I think I may have had one too…LOL
    Doggles actually can provide some eye protection for dogs that are going into a situation where it may be necessary. Not sure how often they’re actually used but I can see some value in some search and rescue situations and such. Also for those dogs that ride with their heads sticking out the car window (not that I really recommend letting your dog do that!)
    Neuticles on the other hand, not seeing much value there…LOL

  4. As far as the doggles, I good friend of mine (and former grooming client) takes his dog on motorcycle rides and she wears them when she is on the bike. My mother also had to buy a pair when her Standard Poodle was recovering from an eye surgery. They are a crazy invention, but they work well 🙂

  5. Hey guys, love this post! Being an Inventor, I am always happy to read fellow entrepreneurs inspire their readers to pursue ideas and dreams.
    Doggles Rock! (no pet rock pun intended :<) Lisa, Madison and Abigail

  6. I understand there are approx. 80 million dogs in the USA. If only 1% joined my Cat Patrol Union that would be 800,000 x $5 = $4,000,000 I could do alot of good with that!! Dogs must follow the CPU Golden Rules though. A must.

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