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What is Your Purpose of Pet Blogging?

Norman the scooter dog waves goodbye to blog pawsby: Carol Bryant

Some of us do it for profit; others do it for fun and profit; while another group does it for fun and to network. No matter that case: We all have a pet blog or microblog for one reason or another. Think you are alone your pet blogging efforts? Not even close. There are thousands and thousands of pet bloggers, and many of them have become an influential voice to pet parents.

Behold the power of the pet blogger, and this all
started with BlogPaws for me. I know others feel the same way. We love our pets and we share products that pet parents, in turn, purchase. We share news and info. Our words are the
ones of influence. Pet parents trust us. So the question is…..

WHY do you blog and what is your blog's purpose? Feel free to share your blog's link in the comments, too. This will help all of us showcase our links and network as well.


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  1. Such a terrific question! The purpose of http://Talk2theAnimals.net is two-fold: 1)helping people realize they can connect intuitively with their animal pals and all animals; and 2)We All Do Better When ALL Creatures Do Better. That’s why you will see posts on subjects other than animal communication and you will also see guest bloggers there. Thanks for asking!

  2. My blogging days started just two years ago as a way to admit to turning 60. Eventually my love for my dog and cats began to creep into many of my entries. Although I still do it for fun and social contacts, if my blog started to earn enough $$ to pay for the kitty litter and dog treats I wouldn’t complain! Here’s my link: http://loyturns60.com

  3. I blog as my capybara, Garibaldi Rous, on gianthamster.com to raise awareness of capybaras both as pets and as wild animals. It is very important to me that people know that capybaras exist and what wonderful animals they are. Rodents make up about one quarter of all mammal species and capybaras are the largest of the rodents (Gari currently weighs 117 lbs). They are amazing animals, smart, affectionate and cute as a button. They deserve protection in the wild where habitat destruction and over hunting are common.
    End of rant. My blog is generally more fun than that.

  4. I started my blog as an educational service for the cat loving community. I’m particularly interested in the cat in history and art, so that’s what my blog is primarily about. However, in the future, I will probably offer other services such as information on cat health issues since this is very important for any cat owner. I’d be happy if you would visit at

  5. By answering this question it really makes me think of why did I start this. At first I would answer because I was bored and out or work but now I know it is because I can enjoy my love of writing while meeting others with similar interests. I spend more time talking to my virtual friends through blogging and tweeting than I do with my real ones.

  6. We blog to meet other bloggers from around the world, show photos to someone besides our family (they get a little tired of how much I love my dog), and to share/gain ideas from other pet owners!
    Our blog is: bigstinkydog.blogspot.com

  7. I started PetAutoSafetyBlog.com to promote my PetAutoSafety.com website. But this blog was so limited. I wanted a blog that was more fun and so started AmericanDogBlog.wordpress.com. I love sharing stories about my own dogs, Maya and Pierson, as well as sharing my general knowledge about dogs.

  8. I had a different blog for a long time called fashion forward on a budget but when I adopted my dogs I decided to redirect my energy towards dogs and fashion. I wanted to blog for myself, to educate other dog owners, and give exposure to other craftsman who make products for dogs or other animals. It’s a great outlet.

  9. To educate people more on pit bulls via my own experiences with my rescue and hopefully change their perception on bullys.

  10. I started my blog to have a place to talk about my foster kittens with out overwhelming friends or my own personal blog. I just wanted a place to talk about them and share cute pictures. Over the years it has turned into a platform to share what I have gone through and what I have learned from fostering. I have gained so much knowledge not only from first hand issues, but from learning what other foster homes have done and continue to do.
    I’m also working on organically turning it into a platform to share what wonderful cats are out there for adoption from shelters so people who are considering a new pet will consider a shelter when looking.

  11. Great question! My purpose for my blog Joyful Paws-http://www.joyfulpaws.com is two fold. First I want to bring a positive face and voice to dogs diagnosed with Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) and dogs in wheelchairs. Sharing how they can live a quality life whether recovered from IVDD or in a dog wheelchair. Also it brings me great joy to give others hope that they don’t have to put a pet to sleep when diagnosed with IVDD.
    Second fold is to help people live more authentic and passionate lives. This happened for me when I started paying attention to what my dogs were teaching me. I’ve learned so much from pets in my life and they are a bit reason why I live with so much more joy. I love sharing those lessons.

  12. ….What is the purpose of your pet blog? Where do we begin? Let me count the freckles all over MaggieMoose…. This past year we have shared many purpose filled pawsabilities around the world. We’ve highlighted animals, nature and people. Sometimes serious and sometimes silly. Maggie and I believe in living life with moose size pawsabilities. It’s pawsable. We wrote of the Lakota children in Soaring Spirits and Juri & her service dog Galvin in Free Bird “Because I Can”. Sometimes our path was about family love like in MaggieMoose Grandma Love & Cookies. Maggie’s Play Day said it all from her perspective. Who knows, maybe we’re stitching a moose size quilt of pawsabiltites in global proportions?
    READ ALL ABOUT US: maggiemoosetracks.wordpress.com
    “I have decided to stick with love….”
    Martin Luther King, Jr.

  13. I blog to make people, cats, and even a few dogs smile and laugh. I love writing as the voice my sarcastic cat, Katie…seeing the world through her eyes. And I love design, photography and bringing Katie’s thoughts and quips to life though whimsical imagery. I also design for others and have helped many pet bloggers with their own brands and designs. I’d love to turn a profit, but so far have not cracked that nut.
    The big surprise for me in blogging is the amazing sense of community I’ve found. Friends all over the world sharing a common passion. What’s not to love!?!
    : ) Glogirly

  14. I started my blog http://www.thestubbornhound.com as an outlet to express my love and frustration with owning two big hound dogs (Rhodesian Ridgebacks). Living with big dogs can be tough, so I share my own day-to-day stories, some product reviews and recipes, and the occasional review of places to travel that allow big dorky dogs like mine!

  15. I started my blog http://tobyandtimba.wordpress.com because I love my cats and cats in general. They offer so much and I learn from them. Through writing about them I hope I can make someone else’s day brighter or touch their heart on some level or just to make them laugh, which my cats make me do often!

  16. What a great question. As a journalist, I wanted to establish myself as a credible cat writer. Therefore, about a year ago, I started Paws for Reflection at http://www.bjbangs.net. I also started blogging to build an audience for future publication of a book, and to connect with both cat and pet print and online publications. I’ve connected with lots of wonderful people and have become a much better parent to my five felines. The journey has just begun. The more I write, the more I learn. And cats are unbelievably fascinating creatures.

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