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Twitter Tips from Cokie the Cat

Cokie-cat-blogging It has come to our attention that some of our blog buddies don't tweet. That just seems wrong! But, we understand that some of our pet people (and their pets) just "don't get it." Cokie the Cat (who brought this to our attention) has a series of posts on this topic that can help newbies get started.

Here's what Cokie says, "I'm a seventeen year old ragdoll cat and if I can do it, and have 4700 followers, no less, so can you! If you you are just the slightest bit uncomfortable jumping onto Twitter, bookmark this page. I'll be adding new tips and suggestions here regularly, at least once a week."

And, she says, "We'll cover things, too, like blog hops, and whatever else you're wondering about."

So, without further ado, here are some of her Twitter Tips For Beginners (1) Getting Started

If you haven't already, sign up for a Twitter account at www.twitter.com. You'll need an email address and a photo you want to use for yourself on your computer, and you may have to be creative coming up with a Twitter ID (name), since there are SO many Twitter accounts now, but you'll think of something cool.

Just don't make your Twitter ID too long, because you only get 140 characters per tweet and since folks have to use your Twitter name to address you or mention you in a tweet, you don't want it to take up too much real estate!

My Twitter ID is cokiethecat, written as @cokiethecat. That's eleven letters (not including the @ symbol) and I wouldn't make yours much longer than that. The shorter the better for Twitter! Twitter-bird

Oh, there is LOTS more than that, of course. Twitter is complicated…but fun. You can really trust Cokie cause she knows a ton about twitter and being on the web. She is pretty popular! In a good way, of course. It's the kind of popular we all want to be – you know, the kind that is helpful and happy and always looks out for her friends.

After she introduces Twitter for beginners ( of which there is lots more, so hop over and read the entire post!), she shares hashtags and FollowFriday.

Are you a twitter expert? What do you use twitter for – besides just tweeting? How do you get more followers…and SHOULD you get more followers? There are lots of questions…we want you to ask them here and we'll see if we can get Cokie to come and answer them.

Happy tweeting!

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  1. Thank you for featuring the Twitter Tips for Beginners series on my blog; however, I must make one correction. I am a MAN CAT.
    While I understand that due to my natural good looks (my adoption papers incorrectly listed me as ‘female’ and very nearly re-neutered me!) and my penchant for occasionally sporting a nice frock (my Twitter avatar at the time of this posting has me wearing a dress I borrowed from @EddieIzzard), I am most definitely all male and very comfortable in my heterosexuality, as my wife @jazzydacat will attest.
    In fact, I am often mistaken for Daniel Craig.
    Just wanted to clear up that small detail.
    Thank you very much.
    Cokie the Cat

  2. Oh my, Cokie, what a mistake to make! You are just too beautiful…that’s true! One understands, however, that your gorgeousness is sometimes mistaken for the ‘other’ beauty (the froo-froo kind our own Grumpy Old Lady has) – and now that we are properly instructed, we will never forget!

  3. Hey, that’s a terrific post — thanks for linking to it. I’ve been tweeting for a while but really only know the most basic things about twitter.
    I appreciate the timely and useful things you share here with us, BlogPaws team …
    Corgi On!

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