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Traveling With Some of the BlogPaws Dogs

Nearly every morning our get up and go routine involves me, Chloe, getting Twiggy and Onyx ready for a car ride to the BlogPaws office. It happens so much that when it doesn't happen, Twiggy and Onyx stare at me wondering what is going on.

Twiggy WorkingOur car is definitely a dog traveling car. And Twiggy and Onyx are family members so their safety and comfort is an important part of travel. We have a canopy seat cover protecting the back seat, an auto zip line across the back seat, a complete dog bed area in the cargo of the car and Twiggy and Onyx have their own travel harnesses that connect them to the zip line for extra protection. Plus, we keep a dog travel kit in the car at all times. 

Our dog travel kit is homemade and consists of two of everything:

  • Leashes
  • Poop bags
  • Food Bowls 
  • Water Bowl – the only thing I have just one of
  • Towels – cloth and paper
  • Treats (rotating to keep them fresh)

I have had some other things in my kit. For instance, when Twiggy's leg was injured I kept extra bandages and wrap with me at all times, along with her meds. All of these things have come in handy and make me wonder what types of things other people keep in their cars for their dogs?

SubaruDogTested_SamsonIt also makes me appreciate a company like Subaru who is showing they understand all the dog loving families out there. Introducing Grant Weber to us with this cute video does make me a bit jealous of his job. Where do I apply to be a dog car salesman saleswoman?

Subaru wants everyone to have some fun with their dogs by using their Facebook App online. It's an app that works with Facebook and does not require a smart phone, just an internet connection and the most recent version of whatever browser you prefer to use. You can create a license for your dog, ask a dog expert any question you like, put your dog in a subaru and use the Subaru dog matchmaker. Plus, they have a really cool Map My Walk app that lets you track your dog walks, but that one you do need a smart phone for.

Check out the app and share your pictures or questions. We recommend being creative with your address in the dog license app, since the most recent license creations on the site are listed in the home page of the app for anyone to see. Twiggy lives on Diva Drive in High Maintenance, CO. Onyx lives on Canihaveatreat Loop in Gimmelove, CO. We look forward to learning where your dog lives.

If you really want to have some fun with the Subaru app and share the videos, you can enter the Rafflecopter contest we are hosting where one first place winner will receive a $350 Visa gift card and one second place winner will receive a $150 Visa gift card! So, hurry up and check out Subaru's Facebook page and their pawsome commercials!


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This post is sponsored by Subaru. BlogPaws is being compensated for helping spread the word about the Dog Tested. Dog Approved.™ campaign, but BlogPaws only shares news for things we support.  

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  1. Ah, the joys of trips with the dogs. I have not made a lengthy trip with our three, but I did travel cross-country with our cat…the Wabby. This summer we plan on looking at cars with the idea of travel with the dogs in mind… and safety is a big concern! That’s why Subaru is on our minds…

  2. @Mary, I bet you have a ton of great travel tips with all the traveling you do!
    @Sue, us too! I test drove a new XV over the weekend and really liked it!
    @Yvonne, I would like to be a fly on the roof of the car if you take your three on a road trip!
    @Torey, thanks, I’ll check your list out. I’m always curious what everyone else has on their list.

  3. I like to travel with a ice cup. I will lick on the ice to quench my thirst but it doesn’t fill up my bladder as fast as water does. Plus it fits in a cup holder. Ma always keeps moistened wipes in the car too. Never know when I am going to find a mud puddle.

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