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  • My Interview with Jill Rappaport, Animal Advocate

    By Guest Blogger, Chloe DiVita As a BlogPaws Team Member I was lucky enough to be invited to the Purina Media event at Global Pet Expo this year where I got to meet Jill Rappaport, the Today Show’s Pet Correspondent. While I knew who she was… read more

  • Friday Freebies for Bloggers: Sharing Moments in Video with Tout (15 seconds at a time)

    Watch to see and hear why I think Tout will soon become another “must-have” social media tool: When Michelle Maskaly (My Tail Hurts from Wagging So Much) introduced us to Tout the first morning at Global Pet Expo last week, I got excited about it right away. We… read more

  • BlogPaws Best of 2012 for Global Pet Expo Award Winners Press Release

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Chloe DiVita303.651.0400chloe@blogpaws.com   BlogPaws® Announces “Best of Awards” for Global Pet Expo 2012 BlogPaws, the first and only online media company dedicated to pet bloggers and enthusiasts, is pleased to announce winners of the BlogPaws Best of 2012 Awards from this… read more


  • Teddy Tank!

    This is Chloe's favorite product from this year's #GlobalPetExpo: One of the #BlogPaws Best of 2012 Winners: The Teddy Tank! Here are flat Twiggy and flat Onyx with the giant Expo version of their stuffed Teddy Tank, and the actual sized version on the left –… read more


  • Are you a Player??

    I think Team #BlogPaws has stumbled upon the biggest cat playground at #GlobalPetExpo! Mom?? Cokie the Cat =^..^=… read more


  • Sniffing Out the Best of #GlobalPetExpo

    Flat Onyx & Flat Twiggy with one of the @BlogPaws Best of 2012 Ribbons that they're handing out at Global Pet Expo!  … read more


  • Bon Voyage BlogPaws!

    The BlogPaws staff is en route to Global Pet Expo in Florida as Official Bloggerspondents! Here's a pic of Flat Onyx and Flat Twiggy on de plane!! MOL! I'll be holding down the fort while they're workin' the 'xpo… Have fun you guys!! =^..^= Cokie  … read more


  • Have you heard?? We’re at Global Pet Expo this week! WOOT!

    Yup, it's true. BlogPaws is chasing our collective tails around with excitement about being Global Pet Expo's Official Blogger Correspondents for 2012 – or Bloggerspondent as we call ourselves. The BlogPaws Village Square will be alive this week with all things Global. We'll be sharing all… read more


  • And we’re off … to Global Pet Expo!

    By Tom Collins Ah, the life of the roving "bloggerspondent" — that's what we'll be living the rest of this week: our own Chloe DiVita (Snotface & Twiggy), Felissa Elfenbein (Two Little Cavaliers), Michelle Maskaly (My Tail Hurts from Wagging So Much), and I, are heading… read more

  • Great things from Global Pet Expo

    guest post by Chloe DiVita Rewind 8 weeks and I was getting ready to head to FL for the Global Pet Expo. At that point I really had no idea what I was in store for. I knew FL. Pack for summer outside and winter inside.… read more