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Friday Freebies for Bloggers: Sharing Moments in Video with Tout (15 seconds at a time)

Watch to see and hear why I think Tout will soon become another “must-have” social media tool:

When Michelle Maskaly (My Tail Hurts from Wagging So Much) introduced us to Tout the first morning at Global Pet Expo last week, I got excited about it right away. We had a ball with it creating clips of our BlogPaws Best awards, as you can see.

We discovered that Michelle is an amazing “director” of the 15-second short form video! With a few words and gestures, she got our award recipients, Chloe, Felissa, and even me, comfortable and most of the clips were done in one “take.” I think I’m tied for the worst record, requiring 4 or 5 do-overs on one clip. The clip above took two.

I see Tout as a natural companion to the way we use Twitter. You can create and share messages or information, as I did here, do quick one question “interviews” with people you run into. And Michelle has even found a way to string Touts together to provide more complete coverage of a weekend of ICE DIVING.

Tout enables you to share your videos easily, both within the fledgling Tout user-base and accross your existing Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts. And you can link to, or embed, them in your blog, using the code generated with a click on the individual video page.

What do you think you can do with Tout?

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  1. Hey everyone, I finally got the Tout video to display correctly. ;-D
    Instead of using the “Copy to Clipboard” button in the Tout embed tool, I manually selected the code by putting the cursor at the beginning, holding down the Shift key, and using the right arrow key to highlight all the code. Then, I copied the code (Right-click > Copy) and pasted into the HTML view of the blog post Compose tool.
    That eliminated a bunch of line breaks in the code that had been there when I used the copy button, so I’m checking with Tout support to see what’s going on with that. It is in Beta, after all.
    And as I mentioned in the post here, Tout provides lots of ways to share your clips! If needed, hopefully this workaround will let you put them in your blogs, too.
    So go play and let me know what you come up with.

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