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BlogPaws Best of 2012 for Global Pet Expo Award Winners Press Release



Media Contact: Chloe DiVita


BlogPaws® Announces “Best of Awards” for Global Pet Expo 2012

BlogPaws, the first and only online media company dedicated to pet bloggers and enthusiasts, is pleased to announce winners of the BlogPaws Best of 2012 Awards from this year’s Global Pet Expo, held February 29th – March 2nd, 2012 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.


Best New Product: Pet Paint by PetPaint, Booth 675

Best Cat Product: Cat Furniture by Molly & Friends Cat Furniture, Booth 3209

Best Dog Product: Paw Plunger by Pet Product Innovations, Booth 4209

Best Small Animal Product: Selective Hamster Line by Supreme Pet Foods, Booth 1477

Best Bird Product: Hawaiian Delights by PetAg, Booth 2301

Best Kids Product: Teddy Tank by Teddy Tank Technology, Booth 3179

Best Technology Product: TAGG Tracker by Snaptracs, Booth 1881

Best Natural Pet Product: Cat Castle by PetPals, Booth 2077

Best Aquatic Product: 360 Aquarium by Rolf C. Hagen, Booth 2701

Best Toy Product: Strategy Puzzle Games by Trixie, Booth 1409

Best Cleaning Product: 180XT by Marshall Pet Products, Booth 2125

Best Bed Products: PLAY Beds by P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You, Booth 759

Best Boutique Products: Wheel House Novelty Socks by Wheel House Designs, Booth 656

Best Treats: Gator Bites by Delca Corp, Booth 2379

Best Travel Product: Pet Tube Car Kennel by Pet Ego, Booth 1276

Best Pet Condiment: VitaGravy by Health Pro, Booth 4229

Best Signage: Perfect for Dunkin’ in the Toilet by Claudia’s Canine Cuisine, Booth 1667

Coolest New Company: Pride Bites, Booth 1101

Best Rep(resentative): Evan Filler from The Impetus Agency


Best of Awards from BlogPaw’ Global Pet Expo Team:

Tom’s Best in Show Pick: Brew Buddies by Omega Paw, Booth 3357

Yvonne’s Best in Show Pick: Grill-ishious by Loving Pets Corp, Booth 3243

Caroline’s Best in Show Pick: Kitty A Go-Go by Automated Pet Products, Booth 706

Chloe’s Best in Show Pick: The Watering Hole by Cats Rule Dogs Rock, Booth 1821

Felissa’s Best in Show Pick: Dental Dog Chews by Paragon Products, Booth 2275

Michelle’s Best in Show Pick: FrostyBowlz by FrostyBowlz, Booth 3288


For photos of BlogPaws Best 2012 award winners, please visit here.

For video clips of the winners, please visit here


BlogPaws attended Global Pet Expo 2012 as the Official Bloggerspondents. The show featured 894 pet product exhibitors and 2,484 booths covering 15 football fields. Coverage was spread through social media through Facebook, Twitter (using the hash tags #globalpetexpo and #BlogPawsGPE), Tout, Pinterest and the BlogPaws Digital Show Daily.




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