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  • Finding and Keeping Blog Readers

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    Getting, attracting, and keeping readers returning to your blog is important. So exactly how do you make it happen if you are new to blogging or perhaps are experienced but want advanced strategies? Maggie Marton and Karon Thackston know. When a reader finds your blog or website… read more


  • 16 Ways to Become a Better Pet Blogger


    I need to blog daily. I want brands to recognize me. I want to change the way people treat animals. If any of these statements sound like something you say to yourself at least once a week, chances are you are a pet blogger. In celebration… read more


  • Why Should I Give a Damn About Your Blog

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    by: Carol Bryant Seriously, did you ever ask yourself that as a reader and not a writer of a blog? “That” being  “why should I give a damn about your blog?” If you are solely writing for you and about you and by you and because… read more

  • Shining Examples to Drive Blog Traffic


    by: Carol Bryant Why don’t more people notice my blog and just what do I need to do to get some eyes on my blog? I want traffic, I want to be recognized, and just how can BlogPaws help me? Well we know some techniques to… read more


  • Drive Traffic to Your Blog In One Easy Step

    by: Carol Bryant The first word in social media says it all. If you want traffic to your blog, you want the numbers to go up, and you want to see an increase in your site's visitors, be social. That's it. Yes, SEO, a clean layout,… read more

  • Pet Blogging 101: 5 Steps To Get You Started And Keep You Going

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess Chances are, if you’re reading this, you are already a pet blogger. You could be facing some of the same issues that many of the bloggers that we talk with regularly face… I don’t have much traffic; Why should I… read more

  • Six Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

    by: Carol Bryant, BlogPaws' PR Manager I don’t get a lot of traffic to my blog; what can I do? I wish more people tweeted to me or RT’d my tweets. Why can’t I get more engagement on Facebook? I am asked questions like this all… read more

  • Do Pet Videos Really Matter to Bloggers?

    by: Carol Bryant Do pet videos really make a difference and do they have the power to make an impact on traffic? Our friends at PetHub came to the BlogPaws 2012 Conference in Salt Lake City this summer and walked away with that answer. "One workshop… read more

  • How to increase blog traffic

    by: Carol Bryant Who wants their blog to be a traffic magnet? Whether spreading the word about pets in need of forever homes, the latest info about dog food and treats, or whatever topic in the pet world that you deem blog worthy, Lorie A. Huston,… read more

  • BlogPaws Speaker Series: Engage and Increase Blog Traffic

    By Carol Bryant How would you like to engage traffic, increase buzz, and have more engagement on your blog? Dino Dogan of DIYBlogger.net will be a session speaker at BlogPaws this June. We are featuring many of our speakers in a BSS (BlogPaws Speaker Series) so… read more