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BlogPaws Speaker Series: Engage and Increase Blog Traffic

DoganBy Carol Bryant

How would you like to engage traffic, increase buzz, and have more engagement on your blog? Dino Dogan of DIYBlogger.net will be a session speaker at BlogPaws this June.

We are featuring many of our speakers in a BSS (BlogPaws Speaker Series) so you can get the down low on this talented ladies and gentlemen pre-conference. Oooh, and if you can’t make it to Utah, we have livestreaming this year, too.

Name of your session at BlogPaws: How To Apply Game Mechanics to Your Online Presence 

What do you hope people gain/learn by attending your session? Gamification is a hugely important concept to all successful online sites. From Twitter and Facebook, to a tiniest little blog somewhere on the edge of the Blogosphere. I hope to help my fellow pet bloggers understand and apply these important concepts to their blog and online business with the explicit purpose of increasing traffic, engagement, and buzz around their site. 

What is your favorite aspect of attending BlogPaws/what do you most anticipate as an attendee? Meeting other pet bloggers.

Where can people learn more about you? diyblogger.net and @dino_dogan

Just for fun, what is something about you people would be surprised to learn? When I was a kid, I owned a pet sheep. 

Sign up for BlogPaws 2012 and say hello to Dino in person. See you there!

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  1. thrilled to read that Dino will be at BlogPaws…I have been a follower of his since I first began Cat Chat back in late 2009. This is a GREAT addition to BlogPaws!

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