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Do Pet Videos Really Matter to Bloggers?

Bulldogby: Carol Bryant

Do pet videos really make a difference and do they have the power to make an impact on traffic? Our friends at PetHub came to the BlogPaws 2012 Conference in Salt Lake City this summer and walked away with that answer.

"One workshop in particular highlighted the incredible bond that humans can form with animals.  It was called The Power of YouTube, but taught me much more about the power of love between dogs and humans than it did about the power of YouTube," PetHub writes… and then they go on to say oh-so-much more…

We invite you to check out this blog post and watch these very powerful videos: PetHub Goes to BlogPaws

Do you incorporate videos into your blog posts? Have you found them to be effective?


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  1. I add videos from time to time, they don’t seem to be as watched as many times as the post is viewed.. at least that is what the stats tell me..

  2. I wanted to go to the the Power of YouTube session, but I think it conflicted with our presentation. I like using video on our blog. The only problem is it can be very time consuming especially for an amateur like myself.
    I’ve had some pretty good response from our YouTube Channel and heard that a few puppy raisers joined our guide dog school after watching some of our videos. Hearing that from our group leader makes it all worth it.

  3. The power of Youtube really depends on a few things in my opinion. some of the more important things to consider are: video interest (does the video answer a question, does it help someone (a dog or puppy maybe), quality of the video (does the viewer have to concentrate more on seeing the video than the message that is trying to be conveyed?), and the business that you are in. For example, our videos do pretty well. My business is a dog training one, our videos that we post on our blog: http://www.DedicatedDogTrainingBlog.com assist potential members to see our results (the proof is in the pudding).

  4. I’ve found a separate channel on Youtube helps, but haven’t found videos to bring a ton of traffic to the website. Youtube viewers tend to stay on the website and click around. But like Whitney said, a video showing humor between a human and their pet always helps!

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