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  • Earth Day 2016: How to Lessen Your Carbon Pawprint

    Earth Day 2016

    Today we celebrate one of my favorite holidays: Earth Day! I’m not the only one who loves this day, am I? This year’s Earth Day theme is “Trees for the Earth.” Not all of us are in position to run out and plant a tree, but… read more


  • Blogging 101: Combat Pet Blogger Stress

    Combat pet blogging stress

    As a pet blogger, and a business owner everything is sunshine and roses, right? You get up float to your home office on wings of caffeine, sit down at your pin-straight neat desk and words flow from your fingertips. Clients call you, offer you more money… read more


  • Blogging 101: Inconsistent Blogging Is Hurting Your Pet Blog

    The importance of consistent blogging

    Bottom line, blogging is a way to boost your brand and its visibility. It doesn’t matter whether you are a one woman or one man show or if you’re part of a larger pet business, if you start a blog then don’t write and post you’re… read more


  • 15 Must-Learn Tips To Improve Your Public Speaking

    Smile at your audience when public speaking

    I understand that public speaking is one of the most feared tasks in anyone’s life. Right up there with visiting the dentist. As someone who is tapped to speak on a regular basis, and who takes the stage at every BlogPaws conference, I’ve had to learn… read more


  • Interview with a CoFounder: Meet Caroline Golon

    BlogPaws Icon Romeo the Cat

    Most of you don’t need to “meet” Caroline; you know her. Our community knows her well from her blog, romeothecat.com, and her work with shelters. BlogPaws would not be here but for Caroline. Yes, there are 3 co-founders, Yvonne DiVita, Tom Collins and Caroline Golon, and BlogPaws… read more


  • Blogging 101: How To Network At A Pet Blogging Conference

    How to Network at Pet Conference

    For introverts, and I’ll bet many pet bloggers in the BlogPaws Community can identify with that, networking is not easy. It’s so much simpler to sit behind a keyboard and network and make friends with colleagues in the pet industry from the comfort and safety of… read more


  • Blogging 101: 12 Benefits Of Being A Pet Blogger

    blogging 101

    Fame. Fortune. Being recognized on the street. Yes, all of those could be some of the benefits of being a pet blogger. In this post we will explore other benefits that you may not have considered. We may also touch on benefits that you’d forgotten about… read more


  • Blogging 101: How to Start a Pet Blog

    how to start a blog

    Bloggers, even long time, successful ones, had to start at the ground level, right? Whether you think about it or not, in the course of your daily blog and life activities, there are times when you should go back to basics and look at your ground… read more


  • Preparing To Attend BlogPaws 2016: Savings Ideas

    saving for BlogPaws

    Post by Robbi Hess There are roughly 170 (174 to be exact) days until the BlogPaws 2016 Conference in Arizona. Are you registered? Have you booked your travel? Will you be driving or flying? Do you have your room reservation? Will you be rooming with someone?… read more


  • Blog to Book Part Four: Get Out There


    Guest post from Angie Bailey  Well, it looks like we’ve made it to part four of the four-part blog-to-book series! We’ve covered the importance of building a platform, networking, and writing a successful proposal. Of course your proposal was gleefully received and now takes the form… read more