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Blogging 101: 12 Benefits Of Being A Pet Blogger

Fame. Fortune. Being recognized on the street. Yes, all of those could be some of the benefits of being a pet blogger. In this post we will explore other benefits that you may not have considered. We may also touch on benefits that you’d forgotten about or lost sight of in the hustle and bustle of getting your blogging and social media tasks taken care of.

blogging 101

  1. You get to pursue your passion. Whether you blog about a particular pet or a specific pet niche, chances are you are passionate about it and that will shine through. Also, if you’re doing something you love (cliché alert) you never work a day in your life.
  2. Your blog is the hub for everything else you want to do. Want to be a speaker? Build a following and your expertise with your blog. Want to be a BlogPaws Influencer and get into paid blogging programs? Build your traffic with your blog posts and your social media efforts.
  3. If you have a limited budget, blogging is a low-cost way to market yourself and your goods and services. Purchase a domain name (around $10-20) and pay for web hosting (maybe between $5 and $15 a month) and it’s the ultimate work-from-home own-your-own business model.
  4. Become a better writer. It’s been said that to truly master writing you need to have written 1 million words. If you’ve been blogging for a long time, I’ll bet you’re at that limit. Writing is a muscle that needs to be exercised and blogging regularly does just that.
  5. Want to connect with those you admire in the industry? Use your blog as a platform to do just that. Reach out to the person with whom you want to connect, ask if you can interview them on your blog and viola, instant connection. Oh, this will also amp up your standing in the eyes of others. Bonus!
  6. Do you love to talk? Write a blog post, share it on social media and chances are you will be sparking conversations.
  7. The more you blog, the smarter you’ll become. This isn’t really a flippant comment. It’s true, if you are a prolific blogger, you’re probably researching topics, reading in your niche, listening to pod casts and watching videos – all of this expands your knowledge base.
  8. You will learn how to “put yourself out there.” When you’re blogging, it’s your words “out there” on the Internet for all the world to read. Blogging is a confidence booster. Blogging also helps you to defend your ideals and interact with those who have a different opinion from your own.
  9. You can be a problem solver. Depending on the type of blogging you do, you may be offering your readers helpful hints and suggestions that will make their lives easier.
  10. If you have a new business idea that you’re not sure will fly, test it on your blog. Write about it, then ask for opinions and helpful insight. If you blog you have a built in test audience.
  11. Are you an expert? If you are, then blogging in your niche area will help you spread the word without your having to shout from the rooftops, “Hey, pick me. I’m the expert!” Your blog posts will do the talking for you!
  12. You can make a living as a blogger. Whether you have advertising on your site or whether you are in paid blogging programs, or whether your skill as a writer helps you gain new clients, blogging is a way for you to (perhaps) live your dream of being a stay-at-home pet blogger.

What are some benefits you’ve seen because of your pet blogging efforts? Share the benefits and let’s expand this list so it shows all of the benefits that a newbie blogger might reap from pursuing his or her dream!

Robbi Hess is the former BlogPaws blog manager and will be speaking on Time Management Tips For The Blogger at the BlogPaws 2016 Conference. She blogs at All Words Matter and is the Media Manager for Big Barker, maker of premium beds for big dogs. 

Image: Rita Kochmarjova/Shutterstock.com

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