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  • 10 Things Productive Influencers Do

    how to be a pet blog influencer

    If you want to be an influencer, and who doesn’t, there are steps you can take in both your business and your personal life to help make your influencer status a reality. From writing killer headlines and filling blog posts with information that your readers and… read more


  • Freelancing 101: How To Write A Press Release

    How to Write a Press Release | BlogPaws.com

    Last week I wrote about the top five reasons to write a press release. This week we will dig into the nitty gritty of how to write a press release. As a former journalist and editor of a local newspaper, and as a former public relations… read more


  • BlogPaws Pet Bloggers Build Their Influence 2010-2016

    Building Pet Blogger Influence

    As entrepreneurs, we’re told to follow our passion. In the  BlogPaws pet community, the passion I see centers around the health and welfare of these marvelous animals we call “pets”. In this community, most of us are bloggers. It’s a term that has finally become respectable.… read more


  • How My Blog Addiction Pays For My Dog and Cat Treats

    3 Reasons A Brand Might Work with a Pet Blogger

    Dear Blogger, it said. We were searching the web for pet people who write consistent content about their dogs and cats and we found your blog. We like your blog, it said. We would like to offer you a box of our newest, most nutritional treats… read more


  • Making the Most of Your BlogPaws 2016 Experience

    BlogPaws brings bloggers brands and experts together for fun networking and education

    This will be my 8th BlogPaws conference. You would expect that, of course. I am a co-founder. Each year, the conference grows and changes and inspires me to step out of my comfort zone. Many folks aren’t aware of the terror I <used to> feel when… read more


  • Make Each Session a Win-Win at BlogPaws 2016

    It all starts with a kiss

    Question: How do you make each session a win-win at BlogPaws 2016? Answer: You make a plan. We’ve talked about plans before. You’ve been instructed to create a business plan for your blog and to consider the concept of a daily plan for your work. Now I… read more


  • Freelancing 101: Tips For Work From Home Pet Bloggers

    freelancing 101

    When you work from home, chances are your friends and family think you “work” from home. This means, when they have an errand to be run, a child to be watched, a dog to be walked, or a coffee to be sipped, they will call upon… read more


  • Freelancing 101: Narrow Your Pet-Centric Niche

    freelancing 101

    In our continuing series in the Freelancing 101 topic, I will cover myriad themes, ideas, and ways in which you can kick off your pet-centric business to become a freelancing success aka solopreneur who makes a living pursuing your dream and your passion in the pet industry. Why… read more


  • How To Prep Your Blog for a Blogger Conference #BoostYourBlog10K

    Free Workbook! How To Prep Your Blog for a Blogger Conference #BoostYourBlog10K

    Can you believe the 2016 BlogPaws Conference is next month?! As part of the #BoostYourBlog10K challenge, we are providing you with a FREE workbook to help you prep your blog for the BlogPaws conference. Even if you can’t attend this year’s conference, the workbook will still be of value to… read more


  • The Essential BlogPaws Pre-Conference Blog Post

    BlogPaws News

    We are working hard behind the scenes to bring together a stellar event for our 8th BlogPaws conference. Whether this will be your first event or your eighth, we hope you walk away inspired, energized, and ready to take your influence to the next level. As… read more