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Spoil Your Pets With BlogPaws: What’s Everyone Talking About This Week?

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

I will admit it: Henrietta is spoiled, but then all of the pets in our house are spoiled. When I consider the Spoil Your Pets theme that BlogPaws has been celebrating this month I think of all the things we pet parents do to keep our pets feeling safe and loved and then I think of all the comfort and unconditional love they give us and I wonder… are we really spoiling them or are we just giving them what they deserve?

When you think of “spoiling your pets” you may think of feeding them bonbons (I know we don’t give our pets chocolate) and shutterstock_444283 (2)allowing them to loll around on the couch all day watching soap operas! When I think of spoiling I think of keeping the pets up to date on their veterinarian visits, making certain they have high quality food (and not too much of it), making certain I am in tune enough with each of their unique personalities that I can see if they aren’t acting quite themselves. Spoiling doesn’t mean letting your dog eat table scraps or not training him or her to walk on a leash to having good doggy manners when guests come to the house — just as we “train” our children to be good citizens so too do we need to train our pets. I will be the first to admit that Henrietta is probably not trained as well as she should be — she is rather barky and possessive but she is an angel when she’s in public and she has traveled cross country with me several times by car and I couldn’t have asked for a better companion. Do I spoil her? You bet. Does she spoil me right back? Oh, yes!

What did we spoil you, our pet blogging friends, with this week? Grab your beverage of choice, make space on your lap for a pet or two and see what you might have missed:

BlogPaws 2014 Conference Hints, Tips And Insights

  • When you attend any kind of conference you need to have a game plan in mind to make the most of the time you are spending there as well as the money you’ve invested. Consider conference attendance an investment in your pet blogging business — because it is. Here are some tips for networking at a conference.
  • The third annual #BlogPawty was a huge success and it is one of those events that our BlogPaws Community Members mark their calendars for and look forward to as the kick off to the conference. Read about how BlogPaws trended nationally on Twitter during the #BlogPawty, what a Twitter party is and why you should attend. Don’t forget we host #BlogPawsChat on Twitter every Tuesday of the month (except the third Tuesday) from 8-10 pm EST. We occasionally bring in brands who will answer questions and we usually have giveaways!
  • If you’ve never been to a BlogPaws Conference you may be wondering, “Just what happens there?” We have the answers to your questions in this post.
  • Do you have business cards? Do you think they are still necessary in this digital age? I kind of think they are for myriad reasons, which I posted about this week in my, “Do you have your business cards ready?”

Helping Pets and Pet Owners In Need

  • A beautiful collaboration between two California entities assures that senior pet owners who are struggling to survive on limited incomes have access to pet food to care for their four legged family members. Read this heartwarming story here.

Wordless Wednesday

  • Our popular Wordless Wednesday never fails to delight and bring in so many photos of adorable pets doing adorable things!

In Other Pet Blogging News

The BlogPaws Team is gathering for a Summit at BlogPaws headquarters in Colorado next week. We’ll be talking about our upcoming March theme of Pet Blogger Education as well as putting the finishing touches on BlogPaws 2014 Conference in Las Vegas. Stay tuned for updates!

(Photo: Shutterstock Ferret on Couch)

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