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Read This Post and All Blog Issues Will Be Resolved

MeatballThis time of year, resolution-oriented posts are all the rage (I just finished mine up, too). Giving those resolution-themed posts the right title to garner SEO, attract readers, and provide solid advice is pivotal. I bet any amount of dog kibble that the title of this post gave you pause for thought and encouraged you to read on.

There is a danger in promising something in a title that is then not delivered in the content. Did you ever buy a magazine because of an utterly compelling title and then the article itself is completely lackluster and fails to deliver? Blog content needs to deliver on the title promised. So it is with this premise that BlogPaws delivers our question of the weekend….

Do you write your blog posts BEFORE you develop the title OR do you write the majority of your blog posts AFTER you have written the title?

Feel free to share one of your favorite blog titles, too. Happy New Year!


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  1. I also usually write title first. Sometimes I go back and tweak it a little after. But I know what i want to write about and do that. Then make sure everything lines up right!

  2. I usually write the title first, and have a good idea of what the post will be about. I do go back and change the title, though, if the post gets a bit off track or a different title seems to fit better.

  3. I also write my title first then tweak it before publishing. I’ll do a quick post draft when I get a post idea and do a title then that will let me know what the post is about in case I don’t look at it again for a few months.

  4. I probably do what most of the others here do – I start out with a title that I think covers the message of the post then when I finish the post, I will revisit my title and see if it needs to be tweaked a little to convey how I really feel about what I wrote.
    Ok – for example, here is the title to the blog post I wrote today->
    “A bit of a rant from Mom Kim — REALLY PEOPLE?”
    Mom Kim

  5. I write the title last because sometime the post changes for the initial idea. I also look at SEO and how it best works in with the post.

  6. I write the title first but then after I’ve completed my article, I go back to make sure it delivers. Sometimes I find my articles veer in a direction I hadn’t planned, but most of the time, it’s a better direction!

  7. I guess I’m the oddball. I almost always write the content first. I find that I’ll find headline inspiration from a word or phrase that I’ve written for that particular post.
    Sometimes though, the visuals even come before the content.
    : )

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