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Speaker Spotlight: Susan Getgood & Blog Monetization

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess 

Catching up with busy business professionals is sometimes like herding cats! I was able to catch up with BlogPaws Conference speaker, Susan Getgood, via an email interview and she shared some of the wisdom she will be imparting to conference attendees at her session: Monetization workshop (Revenue, reputation and recognition: Defining your path to professional blogging success)

BlogPaws asks:  Where does a blogger even begin to define their path? Business plan? Something as simple as saying “I want to make money”?

Susan answers: “Always begin with the end in mind. Your objectives. Knowing where you want to go helps make decisions along the way.”

BlogPaws asks: What about building my reputation? Is there a way to do it quickly or is it one of those things that builds up over time as my blog followers get to know and trust me?

Susan answers: “You can jumpstart awareness and recognition, but reputation is built over time. That’s one of the topics we will be discussing at some length.”

shutterstock_72255787BlogPaws asks:  All of our bloggers want to make money; is there a quick and easy way to do that or should they be prepared to put in the legwork necessary to take them from “blogger” to “money-making blogger”?

Susan answers: “There is no easy in anything that is truly worth doing.  Most of the time, overnight success only looks that way. The person was toiling away in relative obscurity for some time. And even in those rare instances of lightning striking, if you don’t put in the time to sharpen your talent, improve your product, and so on, the success doesn’t last. That’s why so many overnight successes are also one hit wonders.”

BlogPaws asks:  Will you be offering tips the bloggers can take away and immediately begin implementing?

Susan answers: “Yes. I also hope they will learn from each other, so folks should come prepared to share what has worked, and not, for them.”

BlogPaws asks:  What exactly is a “professional” blogger? Do I need a degree or just an area of expertise on which I focus?

Susan answers: “All you need is a goal. It doesn’t even have to be to make money, although it most often is.  Some professional bloggers are focused on causes and charities. Others on political action.  The main thing is that you are working toward an objective.”

BlogPaws asks: Is making money as a blogger all about working with a big brand or about placing ads on my website or is it a business model of blogging for others for pay?

Susan answers: “There are many ways to make money as a blogger, and we will talk about them all.”

BlogPaws asks: Is this session geared toward both the beginner and an intermediate or higher blogger?

Susan answers: “Both beginners and intermediate folks will get value from this session, and I work the material to the folks in the room. If you are super advanced, probably not the right session for you.”

BlogPaws Conference Shout Out from Susan: “The BlogPaws Conference is the “ne plus ultra” for pet bloggers to connect Susan dogswith other pet bloggers, blogging and social media experts, and representatives of the pet brands they love.”

SusanGetgood-MarketingRoadmaps-sm.jpgAbout Susan: She has been involved in online marketing since the early 90s, and watched the web evolve from the first browsers to the interactive communities we participate in today. In Fall 2010, Susan joined BlogHer Inc. where she currently serves as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. In this role, she connects social media influencers with the brands they love through mutually beneficial business and advertising opportunities. Follow Susan on SusanGet Good Strategic MarketingMarketing RoadmapsTwitter, and Facebook.

Are you wondering how you can monetize your blog? Jump start your pet blogging efforts or even help a rescue or shelter spread the word about the good works they’re doing? Attending the BlogPaws 2014 Conference is the best way to make a difference in your blogging efforts.

(Photo: Susan’s well-groomed dogs)

(Photo Shutterstock: Siberian husky and clock)

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