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Should You Be A Guest Pet Blogger?

Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Picture1Have you ever wondered if guest blogging is something you should pursue? Are you finding that your website just isn’t showing up in the search engines the way you’d like it to? Do you want to expand your reach? Are you looking for a way to spread your wings (writing wise) and don't have a venue for it? One way to amp up your visibility is by guest blogging on another site. Posting on another site allows you to link back to your own website or blog and also exposes you to another audience of pet lovers.

Becoming a guest blogger gives you instant access to the readers of the blog on which you’re guesting. Consider too, if your blog is focused on one particular area of pet blogging, being a guest blogger may allow you to expand your pet blogging expertise into new areas.

The way to find a blog on which to guest is a matter of researching industry blogs. Do a search for pet blogs, or Poodle blogs or pet lovers, etc. and find a blog on which your content won’t be construed as a conflict of interest. For example, if you always review XYZ food and the potential blog on which you want to post only uses ABC food, you may not be welcome.

Consider too, that if you’re looking to branch into new areas – say you’re a pet blogger but want to launch into writing about cats, finding a site on which to guest is a great way to ease into the new writing endeavor and can also be a way to gauge whether there’s interest in the topic on which you’re writing.

Before you approach a blog owner about becoming a guest poster make certain you’ve read several blog posts. You don’t want to send a query along to a blog owner that says, “I really would love to blog about cats and cat behavior” on a blog that covers dog topics only. Just as you’d never send a query letter to a magazine or newspaper editor without first doing your homework, the same goes for guest bloggers.

Compose an introduction email that gives the blog owner a bit of your background, why you’d like to become a guest blogger on their site, and what topic you’d be writing about. Don’t search a blog and send a query that states, “I’d love to be a guest blogger… what do you need topics written on?” Unless you’ve established a relationship with someone and they’re willing to send you topics on which to write, you’re expected to go to the blog owner with an idea of what you want to write (hint, highlight your particular area of expertise).  

Additionally, tell the blog owner “what’s in it for them” to have you post. Perhaps you have a following? You’ll post and promote the blog post, and by extension that blog, on your social media sites, etc. In my experience, blog owners are typically open to an occasional guest post as it helps to expose their blog to your audience as well – it’s a win-win.

Have you ever considered becoming a guest blogger?



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  1. I think guest blogging is a good way to build and strengthen relationships, grow a blog, and help network with other bloggers you admire, respect, and actually read their blogs. I’ve done this and accept guest bloggers on my blog, and I know it works for me. I think it’s a great idea.

  2. I am getting several requests for others to post a guest blog on my site. How do I know if they are legitimate or not? They all approach things differently, but it just seems odd that all of a sudden I am getting multiple requests.
    Any input you have is appreciated!
    Thanks – Jobi

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