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BlogPaws Welcomes Friends of Animals Utah

FOA_SmallBe the Change for Pets is a fundamental BlogPaws mantra. We believe in giving back and helping animals in need. What a delight to discover Friends of Animals, Utah.

The FOA 16,000 sq ft Rescue and Rehab Ranch is located in Peoa, Utah ( just outside Park City ).  "Animals come to heal here and receive medical care before going to our adoption outlet in Park City.  They return each night to rest and recuperate from the day's activities." FOA President, Lisa Allison, who will be at BlogPaws stated. Here’s the insider’s “paw-spective:”

Lisa shares that since their opening, over 11,000 pets have found forever homes. They found homes for over 1,000 pets in 2011 and they have exceeded their adoption numbers from 2011 by 42 pets.

“FOAU rescues dogs and cats.  We travel to shelters in Northern UT weekly and take pets into our system. We do not take pets directly from owners.  However, people are able to post a "need" on our Facebook page and have reached out to us in critical times to share a pet's story to assist placement,” Allison revealed.

Where can you learn more? Local folks can volunteer at the “Ranch” and adoption outlet. Foster families IMG_0735_1 allow FOA to save more lives as they open their hearts AND their homes! They largely exist on funding from individual donors with a budget approaching 1 million dollars annually.  EVERYONE can do something.  No contribution is too small.

We love the fact that Lisa shared this nugget with us: “I was once asked what my favorite word was.  It is "Thank You."  Because when I say "thank you" that means someone has done something nice for me.  The BlogPaws community continues to assist shelters by engaging the community on a global scale about rescue.  Social media has changed what "neighbor" means.  Neighborhood can be across the street or around the world.  I can only ask that BlogPaws continue to support, highlight, and advocate for groups like FOAU by giving us a presence.”

Connect with FOA:

www.foautah.org  (website)

http://pinterest.com/smallcatbigdog/  (Pinterest)

https://www.facebook.com/foautah   ( Facebook )

@FOAUTAH (Twitter)

And, if you are attending the conference, visit their table to learn more!

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