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Should Pet Bloggers Care About Pinterest?

Domesticated 797by: Carol Bryant

Are you interested in getting “Pinterested?” The marketing service, Experian, recently reported that Pitnterest is the third most popular social network on the Internet, placing behind Facebook and Twitter.

BlogPaws’ co-founder, Caroline Golon, hosted a session on Pinterest at the recent BlogPaws conference in Salt Lake City. “While Pinterest has been chugging along for a while, it’s recently become a freight train,” Golon shared. So what’s with this locomotive action and how can pet bloggers and microbloggers get involved? (oh and yes, pet bloggers should care about Pinterest)

Simply stated, pin, post, and share. In a guest post from afFURmation’s Dawn Miklich earlier this year, post ideas can show up anywhere online. If you are browsing the Internet at any given time (and who amongst us isn’t), you’ve got the materials needed to “pin.” Do you read blogs, catch up on news, and/or like to get the latest in the pet world online? Pin it!

Looking for something to blog about? Miklich shares that post ideas can be found on Pinterest by looking by category or searching by putting a hashtag in front of your search term to pull up any pins people tagged with that term.

Penny Sansevieri, founder of Author Marketing Experts (AME), spoke at BlogPaws 2012 on getting Penny2published.  A woman who lives what she teaches, the current edition of Costco Connection magazine features a 2-page spread about Pinterest, and Penny is one of the main sources. The book publishing dynamo reported she has 500 pins on 17 boards that blend her business and her personal interests. (read the whole story here, at this Costco Connection link)

Before fully engaging, Penny revealed she visited how others, including competitors, used Pinterest. She prefers repins because they provide links to her website while boosting exposure and generate potential leads, hence revenue.

The article in Costco Connection revealed that women are Pinterest’s largest demographic. So where can you jump in and learn, start pinning and helping your blog traffic? Check out our BlogPaws links below.

If you are already on Pinterest and want to share your board, do so in the Comments below. We’d love to see what you're pinning!

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  1. I am the “self-professed Queen of Pinterest” lol…
    I actually incorporate pets (both cats and dogs because I am NOT “all cats, all the time”) with other interests that I have which raises the level of interest on pinterest (I’m a poet and I know it!).
    I am one that avidly pins/shares others which enhances their exposure, I also have been pinning some of my blog posts as well.
    My boards are eclectic and diverse, interesting and I bet you could spend quite a bit of time there!

  2. Pinterest is an amazing place to find new ideas, designs, gifts, photos, etc… for you and your pets. It’s a great connection for your clients to get to know you and your style better and to get to know other bloggers and sites as well. It’s like having an on-line charette every time you start a board!
    Check out the NewfandHound boards! I’m collecting ideas on Dachshund & Newfoundland gifts, dog remodeling for your home, and more fun design ideas!

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