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What, Oh What Should You Bring To BlogPaws?

Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

I will admit, I am not a good packer. Even if f I go away for an overnight trip I feel a compulsive need to
Henrietta suitcase pack the biggest suitcase I can find, and a carry on and a purse full of other "necessary items." I am always convinced that no matter where I go, it is in the relative vicinity of Mars and likely not a store in site. I am usually, oh so wrong and bring home many of the clothing items I have packed untouched. 

This year, I am carpooling to BlogPaws 2013 with a fellow BlogPaws Community POPs member, Katharine McMahon, and I am certain she will want me to be more judicious in my packing!

Here, for first time BlogPaws attendees and for "bad" packers like me are the true must haves for the conference: 

  1. Business casual clothing. You need to pack
    clothes that are suited to the weather, but remember even if it’s warm outside, the temperatures in conference rooms range from
    frigid to desert level temps. Bring a sweater and dress in layers. There will
    be dressy events but you don’t have to wear a ball gown(!) business casual is the
    way to go. As pet lovers we also know that if we wear black, chances are we
    will be covered in white hair – I never leave home without a lint brush!
  2. It’s a blogging conference so you will be
    learning from the excellent speakers; as such you will want to bring paper,
    pens, pencils or your laptop or tablet of choice. You will need to determine
    whether you need internet access or simply a place to set your laptop up so
    that you can type away and plan accordingly. Bring a bag to carry your items so that your hands are free for shaking with fellow two- and four-legged attendees. 
  3. Business cards. Business cards. Business cards.
    Yes, it is that important that I need to mention it three times. Even if you don’t
    think you have a “big enough” business to warrant business cards, at least get
    a card that lists your name and all of your contact information. You need to
    make certain that the people you meet can get in touch with you after the
    conference has ended. After all, one of the main points of BlogPaws attendance
    is to network and met fellow pet lovers with whom you can connect and build
    relationships that will last long after the conference has ended.
  4. If you’re traveling with your pet – and why not!
    – it’s a pet-friendly hotel and a more than pet-friendly conference, bring
    whatever your pet may need to make her comfortable. Does she need a crate for
    the hotel room? Don’t forget to bring it. Don’t forget to pack her favorite
    food, treats and toys. Will he need space for long walks? Bring your doodie
    bags! If you need time to attend seminars without your pet with you, we will
    have a pet park open and your four legged friend can make new friends of her
  5. Your elevator speech and a willingness to
    network and mix and mingle with people you may not know. It is sometimes nerve
    wracking to walk into a roomful of strangers, but because we are all pet lovers,
    we’re naturally a friendly bunch. One way to make yourself more comfortable
    though could be by crafting an intro aka an elevator speech to use when you meet
    your new blogging friends-to-be.

Attending BlogPaws 2013 is much like attending any
conference you may have gone to in the past, but sometimes it’s nice to have a
checklist lying next to your suitcase to make the packing easier. 


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  1. Robbi, I usually overpack too, so thanks for the tips! Luckily the car is a hatchback so that helps. 🙂
    Good reminders on things like a lint brush … since Duff is coming along, it is a necessity (even though IG’s supposedly don’t shed, I seem to end up with his white hairs on my black pants all the time). I would also encourage comfortable clothes (in addition to layers) – some sessions are packed and I have been known to sit on the floor at the back of the room just to see a presentation that is on my “can’t miss” list!
    I also bring some snacks – while Blog Paws does feed us well, I find having a snack for when I start to get hungry helps me focus better in the sessions.
    Looking forward to our trip!

  2. I always pack an empty duffel bag in my suitcase so I’ll have a way to carry home all of the lovely goodies from the sponsors. Sometimes my clothes end up in the duffel and the swag goes in the big suitcase!

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