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Reuse, Recycle Your Blog Content

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Here in upstate New York we have to recycle various household products and our recycling bins have a logo on the side that reads, “reduce, reuse, recycle.” What struck me as I started writing this post was a couple of things:

  1. BlogPaws is going green for the conference this year with a Zero Waste Initiative, and
  2. If you’ve blogged for any length of time you probably have content you can REUSE and RECYCLE and this will REDUCE your time spent in front of the computer… see how I did that!?RRR

If you have a plethora of blog content and are wringing your hands wondering, “what am I going to write today?” or “how can I come up with something new,” I implore you to look at your content and find ways in which you can reuse it. If you’re wondering what exactly that means, read on:

  • Turn an old post into an infographic. How? If you have a bullet pointed or numbered list that post will easily lend itself to a pinnable infographic. You can use a program like PicMonkey or Canva to design an info graphic. There are products such as PiktoChart that offers drag and drop templates for designing an infographic. Easelly is another program you might want to check out.
  • Ahem… is this thing on? Yep, you can take an old blog post and record yourself reading the highlights! You could make a recording on your smartphone and upload it or you could even use a program like GoToMeeting and do a slide show of your old blog posts with you providing the voice over.
  • Do a slide show! Use a program like SlideShare to take the highlights of the post, break them down to the finer points and then share it on your site and with the world!
  • Rework an old post. How? Update the information in it. Take an item that you might have put into a bullet point and expand upon it and make its own blog post. I heard a speaker recently, and the name escapes me, but he said, “bullet points and numbered lists lead to bloat… if it’s important enough for a bullet, it’s important enough for its own post.” I know. I know, I am not taking my own advice with this bullet pointed post BUT I could!
  • Take a post that was text heavy and turn it into a Top Ten list. Go through some of your older posts and grab info from similar ones and viola — Top 10.

What can you do with an older post to reuse, recycle and reduce your blogging time? PS when you’re making your editorial calendar choose a day a week where you do just that: reuse and recycle. Let me know how you were able to, or might consider, reusing your content.

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