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Nine Big BlogPaws Announcements


If you are reading this on Thursday, April 3rd, there are just 36 days left until the big BlogPaws Conference on Lake Las Vegas. From May 8 through May 10, the official conference happens! Nine big BlogPaws announcements to share!

There are many things that have been taking place behind the scenes, so the BlogPaws blog (right where you are now) and the official BlogPaws 2014 Conference page should be your daily pit stops for all things conference related.

Let’s get down to business and give you an Insider’s Scoop on some of the things we’ve been working on and what you can expect in just 36 days!


Winn Feline Foundation: Meow Time

Cats matter, and that’s one of the messages being delivered at the BlogPaws 6th Annual Conference on Lake Las Vegas in May. The Winn Feline Foundation has teamed with BlogPaws to present the annual Winn Media Appreciation Award to one select attendee. Read all about it here.



Speaking of Awards

We are donating a bullet proof vest to a police dog in need at the Nose-to-Nose awards for pet blogging and social media. A huge round of a-paws to Kristin Dewey who oversees this effort. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department will be in attendance with the K9 dog, Zeus, recipient of the vest.

A local EMS will also be awarded with pet oxygen masks, so stay tuned.


Giving Back

BlogPaws gives back. In our five conferences to date, we’ve donated over $60,000 in goods and cash to shelters and rescues in need, and we will do it once again.

If you register BY APRIL 4TH (THIS FRIDAY) for the BlogPaws Conference, you are eligible for the drawing where your favorite 501(c)3 rescue/shelter can win a sizeable donation from BlogPaws! Use BlogPaws2014-Carol-10 for a 10% discount at checkout. https://blogpaws.com/events/conference-2014/register/


Connecting on Google Hangout

Mark your calendars: Thursday, 04/10, at 8 pm est: Three more BlogPaws 2014 Conference speakers: +Penny Sansevieri +Nickey Rautenberg and Jim Nelson of Tripawds (+Jerry G Dawg). https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/csfufbqann0bttqf71st1nu0fak


Meet the Rescues

If you have a passion for animals, helping them, want to learn more and/or get involved with shelters and rescues but have no idea where to start: This is the place for you. On Friday evening, May 9th, join us in Henderson, Nevada, for Meet the Rescues.

I, Carol Bryant, along with cat mom and fundraising guru/blogger, Teri Thorsteinson, will give a big intro to the event and showcase how to do creative fundraising for rescues and shelters. Intros will take place, select shelters will be speaking, and rescue rock star, Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws, will be in attendance.


Have You Seen Sponsors and Speakers?

We are constantly updating both our sponsor page and our speaker page, so be sure to check both out.


Emcee for Nose-to-Nose Awards

Emcee, Michael Cavanaugh, DVM, DABVP, Chief Executive Officer of the American Animal Hospital Association will announce the winners of the BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Pet Blogging and Social Media awards at the conference in May.


Pet Blogger Influencer Group Challenge

In order to help you grow your presence, blog, voice, and influence in the pet industry/as a fellow blogger, each month going forward, we will be issuing a monthly challenge to all members of this group. The challenge for April is to grow your Instagram account. We’ll show you how, so join us: Pet Blogger Instagram Challenge.


April Photo Contest

BlogPaws has dubbed April as “Small Pets Appreciation” month. In honor of this, we want to see your small pets being well, small pets! If you don’t have a small pet, go take a photo of one or include your bigger pet in a photo with a smaller pet. Small is anything that is a traditional “small animal” – i.e. rabbit, ferret, bunny, snake, insects, birds, fish, smaller dogs, smaller cats, etc. Photos cannot be photoshopped or altered in any way. You are allowed to watermark your photo in the corner.

Prizes are from our friends at Marshall Pet, so come on over and enter: http://community.blogpaws.com/photo/albums/blogpaws-april-2014-photo-contest

Finally, the tickets for BlogPaws are selling and we really want you there: We’ve upped the bark, so join us!



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