Is Speaking the New Writing?

With the influx of video, now’s the time to start thinking about your on-camera presentation.

What does that entail?

Content–what you’ll talk about–is important. Tone, authenticity, word choice, voice: Those are all skills you, as a blogger, have developed in your written work. Those same skills carry over into creating video content.

But, beyond that, what do you need to know to thrive in the fast-growing world of online video? How do you tell a story? And how does it differ from what you write on your blog?

Is Speaking the New Writing--

BlogPaws COE Chloe DiVita explains in this short video in which she suggests that speaking is the new writing:

To learn more about video, check out these recent resources:

And consider joining the 2016 Social Media Holiday Challenge in the Social Learning Community. It’s a self-paced, interactive course. Last week’s topic? Video, of course!

Finally, as Chloe says, “Try it, and then do it.”

What do you think: Is speaking the new writing? Have you tried video on your blog or social channels? How has it worked for you and for your audience? 

Image: Antonio Guillem/

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