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BlogPaws Question of the Weekend

You love talking about your pets, right? Ever get that "roll the eyes" look from a family member or friend because you keep going on and on about your pets? Well, we WELCOME you with open arms here at BlogPaws, all creatures great and small.We love dishing about pets (we're BlogPaws, after all).

Each weekend, we're rolling out a Q&A to get to know you and your non-human family members better. You told us about your first pet last weekend with our inaugural feature and now we want to know……

What pet has inspired you to blog or microblog? If not a specific pet, then perhaps dogs in general? Ferrets in general? A certain rabbit or cat?


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  1. My cats were (are) the loves of my life, but it’s Lulu my beagle who got me blogging. I figured there would be misadventures, shenanigans and comedy in me having a dog. It hasn’t been that bad, but it’s still been pretty funny.

  2. It’s a sad story, but the loss of my sweet Ollie is the fire that keeps my passion for CatCentric.org and all of my related feline nutrition and behavior education efforts alive.
    He was killed in the 2007 pet food poisoning, after eating foods that I fed him. That’s not something any pet owner should ever have to go through.
    You can read about Ollie and see some pics of him here: http://catcentric.org/about/

  3. Stetson was the original inspiration for my blog. He was a guide dog puppy in training and I wanted to keep track of his progress as well as update my friends and family using a blog. He was career changed about 2 months into his formal guide dog training and I ended up adopting him. That was over 5 years ago! Since then I’ve raised 4 guide dog pups and today I continue to share my puppy training tips and experiences as a guide dog puppy raiser on my Puppy In Training blog.

  4. I blogged for YEARS before it was called blogging, but Cokie’s was the result of Michael’s mom. She called one day and said she’d read about a cat who had a million Twitter followers. She said that Cokie should totally have his own website. We agreed! ; )

  5. Oscar, my 11 year old bichon frise, has certainly been my inspiration for my blogging habit. He seems to like the camera, when it comes to product review photo opps. Always ready for his close up.

  6. My dogs have been so inspirational in so many ways. My first dog Cassie inspired me to be an artist. All my dogs inspired me to work with animals at a shelter, boarding kennel, veterinary clinic, and rescue group. I got my first dog car seat belts years ago with Smokey, Becky Anne, and Achilles. But I didn’t start the website and blog selling them until Sephi and Maya. Maya is a yellow Labrador and has been the perfect test subject and model for dozens of pet travel products. Sephi too, but being an all black dog it was not easy getting a good photo. Pierson is a new member of the family and he has also taken on the testing and modeling job.

  7. The inspiration for my blogging is my handsome orange tabby cat, Henry. He was a street cat rescued by a cat-loving friend of mine. Although it took him a while to adjust to indoor living, he’s become a warm, loving, and affectionate brat. In fact, he just jumped onto my chest from the floor because it’s time for more cuddles!
    Henry’s sometimes scared by other people and animals, but he treats me like one of his own. I return the favor by sharing the word. 🙂

  8. I started blogging and writing following the death of a very special cat. His tragic death was caused by a toxic reaction to a Hartz Flea & Tick collar. I found out that far too many people have had the very same, very painful experience.

  9. I started my first blog, Pet Product Review, because of pet owners. I worked for an online pet supply company and thought it might be helpful since people were always calling with questions about products.
    I started afFURmation because of my pets and pet owners (again). I wanted to share information to help them live with their pets.

  10. I’ve been a lifelong dog lover (animal lover, in general actually). I left a career in the medical office world to follow my passion in writing for and about dogs. I returned to college as an adult, and three degrees later, I am pursuing my lifelong dreams. Dogs inspire me and I will always write for and in the name of them at FidoseofReality.com.

  11. OMD we were so pleased to see Thor and Rio’s picture here! Lou of http://www.loupeb.blogspot.com forwarded the picture saying these two looked familiar and sure enough they do – BOL! We have been on and off Bloggers with Raven, Thor and Rio having their own blog but since we share our house with so many fur, feathered, scaled and finned babies we were recently thinking we needed a group blog and I think that this has pushed me to it!

  12. When I started fostering dogs, I was inspired to start writing on my personal blog about the experiences and the characters of all the animals. But it wasn’t until I “officially” adopted my dog, Freckles, that I started to write consistently but this time from his perspective. Because he has such a human personality I always think about how he sees the world and would react to them! 🙂

  13. For me it was my Ferrets. I started blogging about ferrets because I found that most of the blogs I found hadn’t been updated in a long time or were outside of the US. I also found that most people had many misconceptions about ferrets.

  14. Henrietta has definitely inspired me to blog and to get involved in BlogPaws. It’s interesting to write about her odd quirks… makes me wonder whether she was born with them or if I have helped to develop them!

  15. I knew I wanted to blog, but I didn’t know where to start or what to write. My husband suggested I have my cat, Katie, introduce me. Well it stuck. I’ve been writing in my cat’s voice ever since. …and she’s a VERY sarcastic and sharp-tongued kitty.
    ; ) Glogirly

  16. For me it was my Bobo who passed at age 18 in 2007.
    For 18 wonderful years he gave me more devotion than I could ever hope to receive again in my life. He gave me smiles, licks, laughs…he gave me HIM.
    I miss him terribly, he was my true “soul kitty”
    He gave so much to me that I wanted to give back to cats and their humans by writing and sharing information about them.

  17. I translate for my dog Belle, because she has so much to say! She’s been talking to me since she was a puppy, and she’s smart, funny, and sweet. I figure, she deserves to be heard. So she does the talking, and I work the keyboard. http://dogonlyknows.net

  18. I have spent years loving my guinea pigs to bits and sharing tales of their mischief with friends and family. They always said “I never thought guinea pigs were that interesting”. Well guess what?! Guinea pigs are interesting. They are funny, mischevious, sweet, shy and caring and all with different personalities.
    I wanted people to see how much fun guinea pigs can be in a blogosphere dominated by cats and dogs.

  19. I was not aware there was some bad perception of pet bloggers. Frankly, my blog has a specific mission to educate, help and support dog owners who are looking for help and support. What the rest does or doesn’t think about it is of little concern to me.

  20. This is an excellent way to get both training and hands-on experience, provided you find a reputable professional groomer that will pass on good grooming techniques and habits.

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