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WordPress 101 and WordPress 201: What to know

RyanhughesWhat platform should I use for my blog? Is WordPress something I should consider? If so, where can I even begin to learn how to manage it? And what if I know WordPress, but need a bit more advanced training?

Have you ever asked yourself any of the above questions? Ryan Hughes will be teaching two sessions at the BlogPaws 2012 conference about WordPress, a 101 session and a 201 with Widgets session. Here's why you need to be there.

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Ryan hopes that attendees to his session "learn a basic understanding of the do's and don't's of WordPress, as well as learning how to set their blogs up for success and growth as opposed to future modifications."

His first time to the BlogPaws conference, he shares, "The community seems awesome and I'm excited to become a part of it. We've been a big part of the blogging community as a whole, specifically within the deal blogging niche and love it."

What pets share his life: Nymphadora Tonks, Age: 2, Type: Great Dane and Padfoot, Age: 2, Type: Boykin Spaniel Mix. Ryanhughesdogs

Where can folks learn more about Ryan?  http://oodletech.com, http://ryanhughes.me, @ryanrhughes, http://facebook.com/hughes03

Fun Fact: Ryan is actually a pretty good cook!

Come to Salt Lake City, meet Ryan , and join in the fabulous 3-day event:  BlogPaws 2012

Catch up on our BlogPaws Speaker Series in the BlogPaws Community.

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