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Improve Your Instagram Game This Weekend

Instagram is a powerful platform in the pet space. Who doesn’t love scrolling through a stream of adorable pet pics? But, posting a darling snap isn’t the only step to rocking Instagram.

With 75 million daily users, you need to stand out from the crowd. If you want to improve your Instagram game, here are five top posts with actionable steps you can implement this weekend.


Improve your Instagram game this weekend

How Pet Bloggers Can Use Instagram: Recently updated with fresh tips and insights, this list provides in-depth tips to get you thinking through your IG feed.

How to Build an Instagram Pet Following: Want to grow your existing audience? This post features the successful Ruckus the Eskie account. Get inspired by their journey.

How to Create Blog Photos That Brands Love: Though not specific to Instagram, this helpful list of hints from BlogPaws Blogger Outreach and Communications Manager, Felissa Elfenbein. She shares what images work (and don’t work) for bloggers who want to monetize by working with brands.

Instagram Ninja Tips for Bloggers: A roundup of succinct bullet points, this easily-digestible post arms you with actionable steps and advice that you can implement immediately to improve your account. Be sure to check out the list of recommended apps to boost your IG growth.

11 Ways to Grow an Instagram Account: With example photos to illustrate the tips, these high-level tips apply to novice and advanced accounts. Pick a couple to test, adjust, repeat. Then watch your account grow.

Worked through all those? Want more? Here’s one bonus post with a motivating interview with Larry Kay that will help you not only grow Instagram but also Facebook.

Once you get through those posts, we’d love to know: What tips work best for you? Have any strategies–mentioned here or not–worked well for you? What advice would you share with the community? Or, conversely, what advice do you want from the community?

Image: Shutterstock: Little hamster typing

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