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How to Stand Out in the Pet Blogging Niche

Blogpawscollageoliveby: Carol Bryant

I want people to follow me on Facebook.

I wish more people would comment on my blog.

I need my voice to be different than everyone else in the pet blogosphere.

I want brands to notice me.

How many times in the past few weeks or months have you felt the above or said the above to yourself? If you've ever been to a BlogPaws Conference, we teach all of the above. Maybe you didn't make it to the 2013 BlogPaws Conference in Virginia, and have your sights set on the 2014 Conference in Vegas.

During her session at BlogPaws, pet blogger Kimberly Gauthier, shared tips on how to stand out in the pet blogging niche. On her blog, Keep the Tail Wagging, Kimberly has established a following, brand, and highly trafficked magazine dog blog.

BlogPaws is fortunate to be able to present the session in its entirety so that you can get the inside scoop, see a session in action, and get the inside scoop from someine who is making it in the pet blogging world.

When we first interviewed Kimberly in advance of the 2013 BlogPaws Conference, she told us, "In one of my LinkedIn group a blogger mentioned that it's impossible to promote and build a blog.  This isn't true. You don't have to be a blogging guru to build a name for yourself and make a mark on what's important to you.  Instead of focusing on finding readers, focus on why you want readers!  First you need passion for what you're doing; then you need to set goals for yourself.  From there, it's really easy and I'm going to show everyone just how easy!"

Well, here's the video in its entirety.



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  1. A big thank you to Kimberly for sharing some of her best pet blogging tips! I really enjoyed the video and have noted down a couple of things I’ll start implementing at Alfie’s Blog straight away.

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