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Who Will Care For Your Pets If Something Should Happen To You?

This week, the BlogPaws and the pet community as a whole lost an amazing friend, fellow pet lover and all around amazing person when we lost Dr. Lorie Huston. Along with the community losing her, it was brought to light that her pets  (six cats) were now without a pet parentsenior pet to care for them. Six cats, who’d been taken in and raised with Dr. Lorie’s loving hand were orphans.

The pet community is pulling together to find homes for them — as they do — we band together when one of our own needs something.

We came across this post by BlogPaws Community Member, Amy Shojai, that asks the question, “what will happen to your pets if something happens to you?” You can read her post here.

We urge all pet parents to take the time now, today, to make arrangements for the care of your pets should something happen to you.

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