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Goal-setting For Pet Writing Success

Guest post by Blog Manager, Robbi Hess

Every year – usually around January 1 – individuals set goals for themselves for business and personal Picture1 reasons. By mid-January many people find that they’ve abandoned those goals, and the reasons for this can usually be narrowed down to five reasons for failure.

Here are some ways to help you achieve your pet writing and blogging goals (regardless of what time of year you pick as your starting point), including:

  1. Put it in writing. Whethe you keep a pet writing journal or stick your goals up on your bulletin board with a sticky note, you need to write them down to bring them to fruiting. A goal, committed to writing has permanence and this helps bring it to life. A written goal provides clarity and detail.
  2. Give your pet writing goals specific, measurable criteria. It should have a specific beginning and end time as well as measurable steps in between, ie, I'm going to start writing a blog — steps include coming up with a name, buying the domain, choosing a blog hosting platform, determining what you're going to write about, etc. 
  3. Be positive in your goal-setting. 
  4. Are you emotionally attached to your goals? Look for a specific “why” when making and setting your goals. For what reasons are you jumping into the pet blogging community? To share your love of your particular pet? To interact with other like-minded pet lovers? To find a job? Be clear in the reasons you're emotinally attached. 
  5. You need to truly own your own goals. If you're looking to get into pet blogging because "everyone else is doing it" you may not succeed, you need to become a pet blogger because of your love of the industry. 

When is the last time you wrote down a goal? Did you see it through to the end? What were the results?

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  1. Thanks, Robbi. These are all great suggestions. For some people, making your goals more public by telling a trusted friend or colleague can also help make it easier to actually accomplish the goal. I think, like writing it down, telling someone about your goal makes it more concrete.

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