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Friday Freebies for Bloggers: Information is Free, but What’s it Worth? – Part 1

By Tom Collins

I know myself well enough to know I won't always find the time to try out a new tool, or put together a tutorial each week for the Friday Freebiesseries. So I've been planning to include occasional "curation" posts, linking you to stuff I've come across and find interesting, with a short blurb about why. 

To kick off my (at least) two-part introduction of the curation concept, here's the recorded video from my live-streamed "Safe Surfing for Pet Owners to Get Reliable Pet Care Information" presentation at the American Animal Hospital Association annual conference AAHA 2012 Denver:


I'm told all of the live sessions were also recorded and will be posted on the AAHA site, though I don't yet know when. If you click through the links and scroll down, you can see the short descriptions of the sessions that you may want to go back and access when they're available.

I'm also thinking this segment of Friday Freebies will also give us a chance to explore information "curation" as a blogging tool in itself. How do we find content worth adding to our "collections"? How do we display it, describe it, share it with others?

In Part 2, I'm planning to dig into some issues around all the "free" information on the internet, that I touched on in the video, and then offer some examples of the "link-and-blurb" sharing I have in mind.

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